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Rowan, T. (1990). thesis, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Texas at Austin.
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Rubenstein, D. and Hastie, T. (1997). Discriminative vs informative learning. available on Rumelhart, D. E., Hinton, G. E., and Williams, R. J. (1986). Learning representations by back-propagating errors. 323:533-536. Reprinted in Anderson and Rosenfeld (1988). Sankar, A. and Mammone, R. J . (1990a). A fast learning algorithm for tree neural of 1990 on networks. In pp. 638-642, Princeton, NJ. Sankar, A. and Mammone, R. J . (1990b). Tree structured neural networks. Technical Report CAIP-TR-122, Center for Computer Aids for Industrial Productivity, Rutgers University. Sankar, A. and Mammone, R. J . (1991a). Optimal pruning of neural tree networks for improved generalization. In on volume 2, pp. 219-224. Sankar, A. and Mammone, R. J . (1991b). Speaker independent vowel recognition using neural tree networks. In on volume 2, pp. 809-814. Sarle, W. S. (1994). Neural networks and statistical models. In
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pp. 1538-1550. Sarle, W. S. (1995). Stopped training and other remedies for overfitting. In 2Ph on pp. 352-360. Sarle, W . S. (1996). Faq2.html. The Fkequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list for the newsgroup, June. Saul, L. K . and Jordan, M. I. (1996). Exploiting tractable substructures in intractable networks. In Touretzky, D. s., Mozer, M. C., and Hasselmo, M. E., editors, volume 8 , pp. 486492, Cambridge, MA. The MIT Press. Scarselli, F. and Tsoi, A. C. (1998). Universal approximation using feedforward neural networks: a survey of some existing methods and some new results. 11(1):15-37. Schowengerdt, R. A. (1997). Scott, D. W. (1992). Serra, R. and Zanarini, G. (1990). Springer Verlag, Berlin. Sethi, I. (1990). Entropy nets: from decision trees to neural networks. 78(10):1605-1613. Academic Press, San Diego. Wiley, New York.
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Shanno, D. F. and Phua, K . H. (1980). Remark on Algorithm 500: Minimization of unconstrained multivariable functions . on 6:618-622. Shewchuk, J . R. (1994). An introduction to the conjugate gradient method without the agonizing pain. Technical Report CMU-(3-94-125, Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science. Sietsma, J . and Dow, R. J. F. (1991). Creating artificial neural networks that generalize. 4:67-79. Silva, F. M. and Almeida, L. B. (1990). Acceleration techniques for the backpropagation algorithm. In Almeida and Wellekens (1990), pp. 110-119. Silverman, B. W. (1986). Chapman & Hall, London. Silvey, S. D. (1975). Chapman and Hall, London
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Smagt, van der, P. P. (1994). Minimization methods for training feedforward neural networks. 7(1):1-11. Smith, P. L. (1979). Splines: As a useful and convenient statistical tool. 33(2):57-62. Sneath, P. H. A. and Sokal, R. R. (1973). Francisco. Specht, D. F. (1990a). Probabilistic neural networks. Freeman, 3:109-118.
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Specht, D. F. (1990b). Probabilistic neural networks and the polynomial adaline as complementary techniques for classification. on 1:111-12 1. Specht, D. F. (1991). A general regression neural network. 2:568-576. Staudte, R. G. and Sheather, S . J . (1990). New York. Stewart, G. W. (1987). Collinearity and least squares regression. 2:68-100. Strang, G. (1988). San Diego, third edition. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,
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Su, J. Q. and Liu, J. S. (1993). Linear combinations of multiple diagnostic markers.
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88(424):1350-1355. Tibshirani, R. (1996). Regression shrinkage and selection via the LASSO. 58( 1):267-288. Titterington, D. M., Murray, G. D., Murray, L. S., Spiegelhalter, D. J., Skene, A. M., Habbema, J. D. F., and Gelpka, G. J . (1981). Comparison of discrimination techniques applied to a complex data set of head injured patients (with discussion). 144:145-174.
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Touretzky, D., Hinton, G., and Sejnowski, T., editors (1988). 1988 Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo, CA. Touretzky, D. S., editor (1989). of 1988 Touretzky, D. S., editor (1990). 2. 1989 Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo, CA. Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo, CA. pp.
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Turing, A. M. (1948). Rounding-off errors in matrix processes. 287-308.
Utans, J. and Moody, J. (1991). Selecting neural network architectures via the prediction risk: application to corporate bond rating prediction. In on on Los Alamos, CA. IEEE Computer Society. Vapnik, V. N . (1995). York. Venables, W. N . and Ripley, B. D. (1994). Springer, New York, first edition. Venables, W . N . and Ripley, B. D. (1999). Springer, New York, third edition. Venables, W. N. and Ripley, B. D. (2000). S Venables, W . N. and Ripley, B. D. (2002). Springer, New York, fourth edition. Wahba, G. (1990). S.I.A.M. Wand, M. P. (1999). A comparison of regression spline smoothing procedures. Unpublished manuscript available a t h t t p : / / w w u . b i o s t a t .harvard. e d u / " m w a n d / papers .html. Webb, A. and Lowe, D. (1990). The optimized internal representation of multilayer classifier networks performs nonlinear discriminant analysis. 3:367-375. Webb, A., Lowe, D., and Bedworth, M. (1988). A comparison of nonlinear optimization strategies for feed-forward adaptive layered networks. Technical Report 4157, Royal Signal and Radar Establishment. Weigend, A. S. (1994). On overfitting and the effective number of hidden units. In Mozer, M. C., editor, of 1993 pp. 335--342, Hillsdale, NJ. Lawrence Erlbaum. Weigend, A. S., Rumelhart, D. E., and Huberman, B. A. (1991). Generalization by weight-elimination with application to forecasting. In Lippmann et al. (1991), pp. 875-882. volume 59 of Springer, New York. Springer, New
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