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Build QR Code ISO/IEC18004 in Java ... </CFEXECUTE>
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Controlling Server Output and Whitespace
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Server Output
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Flushes or pushes page content to the browser so that the browser can begin rendering a web page before receiving all of the content.
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<CFFLUSH interval = 128 >
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If interval is specified, content is flushed to the browser whenever this number of bytes of output is accumulated. Omitting this output just flushes whatever has accumulated since the last flush operation.
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Application Notes There are several tags that cannot be called after you call CFFLUSH: CFCONTENT, CFCOOKIE, CFFORM, CFHEADER, CFHTMLHEAD, and CFLOCATION.
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Adds text to the current page s HTML HEAD section. Cannot be called after CFFLUSH.
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<CFHTMLHEAD text = textToPutInHTMLHeadSection >
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Saves the tag s content into a variable named after nameOfVariableToCreate. Does not output the tag s content to the page.
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<CFSAVECONTENT variable = nameOfVariableToCreate > ... </CFSAVECONTENT>
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Part IX ColdFusion MX Language Reference
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Returns a string surrounded with <PRE> tags and all HTML tags escaped such that any HTML source may be put out the page as actual content, as in a code example.
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HTMLCodeFormat( string, version)
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-1, 2.0, or 3.2. Version of HTML to escape for. -1 indicates latest version.
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Returns a string with all HTML tags replaced by their HTML-safe equivalents so that the returned string may be used as a tag attribute or safely output to a page.
HTMLEditFormat( string, version)
-1, 2.0, or 3.2. Version of HTML to escape for. -1 indicates latest version.
Returns a string with single carriage returns replaced by spaces and blank lines replaced by <P> tags.
ParagraphFormat( string)
Returns a string with all carriage returns removed.
StripCR( string)
White Space
Tells ColdFusion to strip extraneous white space from a block of code; can also be used to specify page encoding.
To specify page encoding: <CFPROCESSINGDIRECTIVE pageEncoding = JavaEncodingType >
56 Controlling Server Output and Whitespace
To suppress whitespace: <CFPROCESSINGDIRECTIVE suppressWhitespace = YES | NO > ... </CFPROCESSINGDIRECTIVE>
Controls certain aspects of how a page is processed.
<CFSETTING enableCFOutputOnly = YES | NO showDebugOutput = YES | NO requestTimeOut = 1800 >
If YES, only text within a CFOUTPUT tag or WriteOutput() function is output to the page. If NO, debug output is not shown after a request finishes. Applies only if debugging information is currently enabled in ColdFusion Administrator. In this example, if the request does not finish executing within 1,800 milliseconds, an error is thrown and the request is flagged as a longrunning request.
Suppresses all output such that nothing between the opening and closing CFSILENT tags is output to the page.
CFCOLLECTION creates a query object with this name.
Used to manage Verity collections. Can create a new collection; map a new name to an existing collection; repair, delete, or optimize an existing collection; or list all current collections. See 32 for details on Verity collections.
To list all collections: <CFCOLLECTION action = LIST name = NameOfQueryToCreate >
To repair, delete, or optimize a collection: <CFCOLLECTION action = REPAIR Repairs a collection. | DELETE Deletes a collection. | OPTIMIZE Optimizes a collection. collection = NameOfCollection > To create a new collection: <CFCOLLECTION action = CREATE collection = NameOfCollection path = PathToCollectionDirectory
The path to the directory where the collection directory is created. If this value is c:\verity , for example, CFCOLLECTION creates a directory named c:\verity\NameOfCollection .
language = collectionLanguage > Cross References
Indexes data in a collection. Searches a collection.
Used to add or remove entries from a Verity collection. Entries can be specified one at a time or can be retrieved from a query object.
Part IX ColdFusion MX Language Reference
To update or refresh a collection: <CFINDEX action = UPDATE | REFRESH collection = nameOfCollection key = KeyOfEntry
Adds and updates entries in the collection, but does not remove any. Purges the collection before adding entries. If type = PATH, key is the directory to index. If type = FILE, key is the name of the file to index. If type = CUSTOM, key is the primary key of the record to index.
type = PATH | FILE | CUSTOM title = TitleOfEntry body = TextToIndex custom1 = customData custom2 = customData URLpath = URLToPrependToFilename extensions = ExtensionsToIndex query = NameOfQuery
Indexes directories. Indexes individual files. Indexes custom data, usually from a query. Applies to CUSTOM and FILE types. Title of the entry to be created. Applies to CUSTOM type. Body of the entry being created.
Applies to PATH and FILE types. This path is prepended onto the file name to create a URL that the user can use to access the indexed file. Applies only to PATH type. Verity indexes only files of these extensions. Default is .htm, .html, .cfm, .cfml . The name of a query to populate index data. If query is provided, the key, title, body, custom1, custom2, and URLpath attributes can point to query columns rather than literal text. Verity creates an entry in the collection for every row in the query.