Building the company edit form in Java

Integrating QR Code JIS X 0510 in Java Building the company edit form
Building the company edit form
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The company edit form is much like the company add form, but the edit form must first retrieve the company record from the database and place that data into the form fields. Create a file named CompanyEditForm.cfm inside the Ch02 directory, type the code in Listing 2-7 into the file s editing window, and save the file.
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Part I Getting Started with ColdFusion MX
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Listing 2-7: CompanyEditForm.cfm
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<cfquery name= GetCompany datasource= #Request.MainDSN# > SELECT CompanyName, Address, City, State, ZipCode, Comments FROM Company WHERE CompanyID = #Val(CompanyID)# </cfquery> <html> <head> <title>ColdFusion MX Bible</title> <link rel= stylesheet href= styles.css > </head> <body> <h1>Edit a Company</h1> <table> <cfform action= CompanyEditAction.cfm method= POST > <cfoutput> <input type= hidden name= CompanyID value= #Val(CompanyID)# > </cfoutput> <tr> <td>Company Name</td> <td> <cfinput type= Text name= CompanyName value= #GetCompany.CompanyName# message= Please enter a name for this company. required= Yes size= 40 maxlength= 40 > </td> </tr> <tr> <td>Address</td> <td> <cfinput type= Text name= Address value= #GetCompany.Address# message= Please enter this new Company s Address.
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2 Writing Your First ColdFusion MX Application
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required= Yes size= 32 maxlength= 30 > </td> </tr> <tr> <td>City</td> <td> <cfinput type= Text name= City value= #GetCompany.City# message= Please enter a city. required= Yes size= 22 maxlength= 20 > </td> </tr> <tr> <td>State</td> <td> <cfinput type= Text name= State value= #GetCompany.State# message= Please enter a state. required= Yes size= 3 maxlength= 2 > </td> </tr> <tr> <td>ZIP Code</td> <td> <cfinput type= Text name= ZipCode value= #GetCompany.ZipCode# message= Please enter a valid ZIP Code. validate= zipcode required= Yes size= 11 maxlength= 10 > </td> </tr> <tr> <td>Comments</td> <td> <textarea cols= 40 rows= 5 name= Comments ><cfoutput>#GetCompany.Comments#</cfoutput></textarea> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> </td> <td>
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Part I Getting Started with ColdFusion MX
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Listing 2-7 (continued)
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<input type= submit value= Update Database > </td> </tr> </cfform> </table> </body> </html>
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The edit form retrieves the company record and populates the form fields with the current data.
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Building the company edit action template
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The code in CompanyEditAction.cfm is like the code in CompanyAddAction.cfm, but the edit action updates rather than inserts. Create a file named CompanyEditAction.cfm inside the Ch02 directory, type the code in Listing 2-8 into the file s editing window, and save the file.
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Listing 2-8: CompanyEditAction.cfm
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<cfquery name= UpdateCompany datasource= #Request.MainDSN# > UPDATE Company SET CompanyName = #Trim(Form.CompanyName)# , Address = #Trim(Form.Address)# , City = #Trim(Form.City)# , State = #Trim(Form.State)# , ZipCode = #Trim(Form.ZipCode)# , Comments = <cfif Len(Trim(Form.Comments)) GT 0> #Trim(Form.Comments)# <cfelse> NULL </cfif> WHERE CompanyID = #Val(Form.CompanyID)# </cfquery> <cflocation url= Finished.cfm msg=#URLEncodedFormat( #Form.CompanyName# has been updated in the database. )# >
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Now that you ve finished these three templates, you can see them in action. Point your Web browser to http://<yourserver>/CFMXBible/Ch02/CompanyGetEditForm.cfm and enter
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2 Writing Your First ColdFusion MX Application
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a CompanyID. (To get a valid ID, go to the company list and pick a number in the ID column.) Click Submit, and you should see the chosen company s information appear in the form fields on the edit form. Edit the Zip Code and click Submit; then revisit the company list and click your browser s Refresh button. You should see the updated data in the company list. If you don t, compare the files that you ve created with their respective listings.
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Open CompanyEditForm.cfm in HomeSite. Because the edit form is very similar to the add form, compare the two. The first difference between the edit form and add form is the CFQUERY at the beginning of CompanyEditForm.cfm. CompanyEditForm.cfm calls CFQUERY to retrieve the company record that the user wants to edit. This query is like the one in CompanyList.cfm, with a few differences. First, CompanyEditForm.cfm doesn t include CompanyID in the select list, because the chosen company s ID is already available in the CompanyID that was sent to this template in the form post. Second, you now find a WHERE clause that restricts the result set to include only the company with an ID that matches CompanyID. Third, you find no ORDER BY clause, because this query returns only a single record.
Using a URL or Form variable
Look at the WHERE clause again in the following code:
WHERE CompanyID = #Val(CompanyID)# CompanyID came from the CompanyGetEditForm.cfm form post, so it is said to be a part of the Form scope, and as such would normally be referenced as Form.CompanyID. Likewise, if CompanyID had been passed in a hyperlink as a URL parameter, it would be a part of the URL scope, and as such would normally be referenced as URL.CompanyID.
Notice that in the preceding line of code, we omitted the scope prefix to the CompanyID variable. This causes ColdFusion to go hunting for the scope that contains the CompanyID variable. By using this technique, you can build a flexible template that may receive values from either the URL or a form post. In fact, we will do this later on in the section Making direct links to the add, view, and delete forms.