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Oracle Sybase Other
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If you click Add after entering the datasource name and driver type, you are taken to a page to configure the connection settings for the chosen database type. These settings differ between drivers; for example, a Microsoft SQL Server datasource has a Port parameter, but an Access datasource does not. Conversely, Access datasources have a filename parameter, where SQL Server doesn t. The exact setting simply depends on what the database driver needs to connect to the target database. The following chapter covers datasource configuration details.
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Defining a new Microsoft SQL Server datasource
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We re going to show you in this section how to set up a SQL Server datasource within ColdFusion Administrator. If you want to follow along, log in to ColdFusion Administrator and click Data Sources under Data & Services on the left-hand panel. Then just follow these steps: 1. In the Add New Data Source section, as shown in Figure 43-12, enter the name of the new datasource in this example, CFMXBibleExample in the Data Source Name field and select Microsoft SQL Server from the Driver drop-down list as the driver type; then click Add.
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Figure 43-12: Filling out the new datasource s name and driver type.
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Part VIII ColdFusion MX Administration
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2. For this example, we previously created a database named CFMXDatabase in SQL Server Enterprise Manager, as shown in Figure 43-13. (Note that you would replace CFMXDatabase with your own SQL Server database. Setting up this database is beyond the scope of this book, as it has more to do with SQL Server administration than ColdFusion.)
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Figure 43-13: The database in SQL Server Enterprise Manager. 3. In ColdFusion Administrator, enter CFMXDatabase (or the name of your own SQL Server database) in the Database field and in the Server field. For the username and password, of course, use whatever you set up for this purpose. (In this example, we enter CFMXUser and the CFMXUser s password.) Keep the default port of 1443 and enter a brief description. After you finish, the form looks as shown in Figure 43-14 (with your own database name, username and password, of course).
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Figure 43-14: The datasource settings form. 4. Click Submit, and you re taken back to the list of datasources, where the new datasource now appears with an ok beside it. And that s it. Now, simply referring to CFMXBibleExample in your CFQUERY and CFSTOREDPROC tags gives you access to the CFMXDatabase database. Most datasource setups are about the same, although some target databases that require a different set of parameters from those shown for SQL Server. The Oracle driver, for example, communicates with an Oracle database by using a different set of parameters, as you see in the following section.
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43 An Overview of ColdFusion MX Administrator
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Defining a new Oracle datasource
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The process of setting up an Oracle datasource is similar to the one that we describe in the preceding section for SQL Server, but Oracle requires different connection parameters. Just as you do with SQL Server, you start by clicking the Data Sources link under Data & Services on the left-hand panel of Administrator. (Note: The Oracle driver is available only with ColdFusion MX Enterprise.) Then just follow these steps: 1. In the Add New Data Source section, enter the name of the new datasource (in this example, we re calling it CFMXBibleOracle) and choose Oracle as the driver type; then click Add. Our Oracle installation in this example has a SID (Service ID) named CFMXServer and a user named CFMXUser. Note that administering Oracle is beyond the scope of this book; the database, username, and password used in this example should be replaced with your own values. 2. In ColdFusion Administrator, enter CFMXServer in the SID Name field and CFMXUser in the Username field. Then enter the password, leave the default port of 1521, enter a brief description, and click Submit. The built-in Type 4 Oracle driver supports multiple result sets returned from Oracle packages. See Listing 10-24 in 10 for a very scalable way to accomplish this task.
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