Charting in Java

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The Charting page of ColdFusion Administrator tells ColdFusion how to cache charts and handle CFCHART requests. This page is discussed in detail, along with other caching options, at the beginning of the following chapter, but it is shown in Figure 43-7:
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Figure 43-7: The Charting page.
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Java and JVM
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The settings in the Java and JVM page of ColdFusion Administrator affect how ColdFusion interacts with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on top of which ColdFusion MX runs. This page is shown in Figure 43-8: Don t modify the settings on this page unless you have a compelling reason to do so. Configuring these settings is discussed in the following chapter.
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43 An Overview of ColdFusion MX Administrator
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Figure 43-8: The Java and JVM page.
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Archives and Deployment
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The Archives and Deployment page in ColdFusion Administrator lets you set up ColdFusion Archives, which let you easily deploy code and settings across multiple ColdFusion Servers. This page is shown in Figure 43-9:
Figure 43-9: The Archives and Deployment page.
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Note ColdFusion Archives are available only in ColdFusion MX Enterprise.
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Part VIII ColdFusion MX Administration
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Whenever you are using ColdFusion clustering, making certain that all the machines in the cluster have the same code installed can prove difficult, and making certain that all the machines in the cluster have the same settings is even more difficult. ColdFusion Archives enable you to package your source code and server settings into a single CAR file and deploy that one file to all servers in your cluster. The archiving feature is also useful for single-server deployments, because you can archive your application after successfully testing it in your staging environment and then deploy it to your production server. Archiving and deploying involve the following three steps: 1. Create/Edit the archive. (This step sets up the archive process.) 2. Build the archive. (This step actually populates the archive with code and settings.) 3. Deploy the archive. These three steps are all performed from the Archives and Deployment link in the Settings section of ColdFusion Administrator s navigation bar. The following sections describe these three steps.
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Creating a new archive
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The first step in creating a new archive is to enter the name of the archive and click Create, which adds a new empty archive to the list of existing archives and launches the Archive Wizard, which takes you through the process of setting up the archive. You can leave this wizard and come back at any time by clicking the leftmost icon next to the archive s name in the list of archives.
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This step uses the information that you used in creating the archive to create a CAR file containing all the files and settings needed to deploy the site. This CAR file is in the same format as a JAR or ZIP file, so you can open it by using WinZip to inspect its contents. To build the archive, click the middle icon next to the name of the archive that you want to build and follow the steps in the Build Wizard that appears.
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Deploying an archive
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After ColdFusion finishes creating the CAR file, deploy the CAR file to all your remote servers. Log in to ColdFusion Administrator on your remote server and go to the Archives and Deployment page. In the Deploy an Existing Archive section, enter the path to the archive file and click Deploy, which launches the Deployment Wizard. Follow the instructions in the Deployment Wizard, and all the files and settings are correctly deployed. Repeat this step for every server in your cluster.
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Settings Summary
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The Settings Summary page in ColdFusion Administrator provides a birds-eye view of all the settings in ColdFusion Administrator. Figure 43-10 shows a portion of this page: This page of the Administrator is just a summary of all the settings in the Administrator. Nothing is set here, but saving or printing a copy of this report for your records can prove useful.