ColdFusion MX Administration in Java

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ColdFusion MX Administration
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43 An Overview of ColdFusion MX Administrator 44 Configuration Tips and Tricks
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An Overview of ColdFusion MX Administrator
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oldFusion Administrator is the central management console for ColdFusion Server. Many aspects of how ColdFusion operates can be controlled from the Administrator everything from how ColdFusion connects to a database to how much memory ColdFusion can use. This chapter does not go into great detail about the Administrator; the intent is to cover only those things that the average developer needs to know. The next chapter goes into configuration details for those who want to tune and tweak ColdFusion Server. The headings in this chapter correspond to the sections and links within ColdFusion Administrator. You can follow along with the chapter by logging in to ColdFusion Administrator and following the links on the left of the ColdFusion Administrator interface.
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ColdFusion Administrator settings
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Configuring datasources and understanding how they differ from earlier versions Archiving and deployment Logging and scheduling Extending ColdFusion
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Server Settings
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The links in the Server Settings section of ColdFusion Administrator s navigation bar describe how ColdFusion Server s internals work everything from request timeouts to server mappings to Java and JVM settings. These settings are typically set up at the beginning of the server s life and rarely need to be modified if correctly set.
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The Settings page of ColdFusion Administrator describes the most general aspects of how ColdFusion works. It is shown in Figure 43-1: The settings on this page may seem very general, but don t treat them trivially. Three of these settings have a huge effect on how your server responds under load; one can help prevent your URLs from being easily hacked and yet another directly figures into your exception handling framework.
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Part VIII ColdFusion MX Administration
Figure 43-1: The Settings page. The settings on this page are as follows: Limit Simultaneous Requests To: The maximum number of requests that ColdFusion can handle at a given time. If you set this parameter to ten, for example, ColdFusion simultaneously handles up to ten requests. If more than ten requests present themselves to ColdFusion Server simultaneously, ten are picked up by worker threads and the remaining requests are queued. The combination of this value and the request timeout value that we discuss in the next paragraph significantly affect the performance of ColdFusion Server. (See 44 for more details.) Timeout Requests After x Seconds: If this option is selected, ColdFusion aborts any page requests that take longer than the specified number of seconds and tell the user that an error occurred. You can override this behavior on a page-by-page basis by using <cfsetting RequestTimeout= (number of seconds) >. Use UUID For CFTOKEN: By default, ColdFusion uses an eight-digit number for the value of CFTOKEN. Enabling this option makes ColdFusion use a modified UUID for CFTOKEN, which prevents any user from hacking into another user s session by manipulating the CFTOKEN value in his browser s URL. (The following chapter discusses this option in more detail.) Enable HTTP Status Codes: If this option is disabled, ColdFusion sends an HTTP status code of 200 (success) along with every page that it sends to your browser, even if an error occurs. Enabling this option means that ColdFusion sends a status code of 500 if an error is on the page. Enabling this option has a few disadvantages, as follows: Whenever some browsers (such as IE 6) come across a page with a code other than 200, they sometimes opt to show a friendly error page, which in reality completely masks the error. This feature can be turned off but is a major nuisance.
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43 An Overview of ColdFusion MX Administrator
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If you call a page by using CFHTTP and the called page returns an error code of 500, CFHTTP reports a connection failure but doesn t report the actual error message. Some load testing products report Internal Server Error if they receive a 500-error code, possibly misleading your testing team. We almost always leave this option disabled because it serves no purpose for our development efforts. Enable Whitespace Management: This option strips extraneous white space from all content generated by ColdFusion pages. This applies even to CFMAIL messages, which may affect the formatting you ve set up. This option also requires additional processing time for every ColdFusion template in your application. We always prefer to leave this option off and use explicit CFPROCESSINGDIRECTIVE calls to suppress white space. Missing Template Handler: Normally, if the user requests a page that doesn t exist, your Web server shows him a 404-error page. If the user requests a ColdFusion template that doesn t exist, however, ColdFusion redirects him to the template specified here. If none is given, ColdFusion shows the user the default 404 error message. Site-Wide Error Handler: This feature is described in 21. The template specified in this field must begin with a forward slash and describe a path beginning at your Web server s Web root.
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