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CFStat utility
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Finally, besides simply measuring the total time (or even the time of a segment) of running a CF template, another important thing that you need to know is how the entire ColdFusion server is performing while your applications are running (and even if they are not). Such realtime performance metrics, especially if analyzed over time, can be key in understanding the nature of certain performance bottlenecks. Although several operating system features also monitor system-level real-time statistics for example, the Windows Performance Monitor the CFStat utility doesn t require that you run that tool to view these statistics. For ColdFusion to write to the needed statistics, you must check the Enable Performance Monitor checkbox, which you also find on the Debugging Settings page of the CF Administrator. After you enable it, you must restart the server for the option to take effect. With the performance monitor option enabled, you can then execute the CFStat utility from the command line. In Windows NT/2000/XP, you can access the command line by using the Start Run cmd menu command. In Windows 95/98/ME, use Start Run Command. If ColdFusion MX is installed in the d:\cfusionmx directory, issue the following commands:
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d: cd \cfusionmx\bin\
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Then, to run the CFStat utility, simply type cfstat at the command line. The output may appear as shown in Figure 42-10.
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42 Testing and Performance
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Figure 42-10: CFStat command line output. The statistics displayed are described in Table 42-1.
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Table 42-1
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Metric Abbreviation Pg/Sec Metric Name Page hits per second Description The number of ColdFusion pages processed per second. You can reduce this by moving static content to HTML pages. The number of database accesses per second made by ColdFusion. Any difference in complexity and resource load between calls is ignored. The number of ColdFusion template cache pops per second. A cache pop occurs whenever ColdFusion ejects a cached template from the template cache to make room for a new template. The number of requests that are currently waiting for ColdFusion to process them. Lower values, which you can achieve with efficient CFML, are better. Continued
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Database accesses per second
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Cache pops per second
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Reqs Q ed
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Part VII ColdFusion MX Development Practices
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Table 42-1: (continued)
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Metric Abbreviation Reqs Run g Reqs TO ed Metric Name Number of running requests Number of timed out requests Description The number of requests that ColdFusion is currently actively processing. The total number of ColdFusion requests that have timed out. Lower values, which you can achieve by aggressive caching and removing unnecessary dynamic operations and third-party events, are better. A running average of the time, in milliseconds, that requests spend waiting for ColdFusion to process them. Lower values, which you can achieve with efficient CFML and enhanced caching, are better. A running average of the time, in milliseconds, that ColdFusion spends to process a request (including queued time). Lower values, which you can achieve with efficient CFML, are better. A running average of the time ColdFusion spends on database-related processing of ColdFusion requests. The number of bytes ColdFusion read in the last second (not an average). The number of bytes ColdFusion wrote in the last second (not an average).
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AvgQ Time
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Average queue time
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AvgReq Time
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Average request time
AvgDB Time
Average database transaction time
Bytes In/Sec Bytes Out/Sec
Bytes incoming per second Bytes outgoing per second
The information in the third column of Table 42-1 offers some insights into performance-tuning opportunities based on the values displayed by CFStat. Finally, the cfstat command offers a couple arguments that change how it works, including displaying the output automatically every few seconds. Simply enter the command cfstat / to see those options. As useful as observing this information in real time may be, viewing the ColdFusion performance statistics in some sort of repository that tracks the information over time may also prove helpful, as is the case with the option in Log slow pages to display long-running requests to a log file. You can set up your operating system s performance-monitoring tools, such as the Windows Performance Monitor, to enable them to create log files, warnings, and more, all of which, however, are beyond the scope of this book.