Figure 42-9: Log Slow Pages setting in the administrator. in Java

Generator QR Code in Java Figure 42-9: Log Slow Pages setting in the administrator.
Figure 42-9: Log Slow Pages setting in the administrator.
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42 Testing and Performance
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With this setting enabled, if the execution time of any CF templates exceeds the specified timespan (10 seconds in Figure 42-9), an entry is written to the server.log file (in the directory also specified on that screen for the Log Directory option). The log-file entry may appear in a format similar to the following example:
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Warning , web-0 , 09/02/02 , 16:23:48 ,, Thread: web-0, processing template: D:\CFusionMX\wwwroot\CFIDE\administrator\index.cfm, completed in 22 seconds, exceeding the 10 second warning limit
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In this example, an attempt to use the Administrator itself caused an execution time of 22 seconds for some reason. Any such long-running tasks may be good candidates for performance tuning, as discussed later in Performance Tuning. Indeed, you may want to set this Log Slow Pages value to a low enough value that you find a few example templates to tune. Be careful, however, about focusing only on the longest-running templates. If something runs for a long time but only very infrequently, that may not be as important (nor use as many resources) as a template that run in less time but is executed far more often. This setting and log file are but one of several tools in your ColdFusion performance measurement toolkit.
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Although the two performance-measurement tools that we describe in the preceding sections are useful for measuring the total execution time of your templates, you may be interested in knowing how much time is spent performing some segment of your template. Until CF MX, if you wanted to track the elapsed time between two points in your code, you needed to use the GetTickCount() function to set temporary variables to note the start time and end time around some task and then compute and report the difference between the two. Now, this process is much simpler if you use the new CFTRACE tag. CFTRACE is discussed further in 59, but it can be used very simply to track performance of a segment of code, reporting the time that code takes to execute. Simply surround any code to be timed with CFTRACE tags (not paired opening/closing tags but simply a pair of opening tags) as in the following example:
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<cftrace> <!--- some code to be timed ---> <cftrace>
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By default, this tag create reports of the time taken executing the code between the tags, placing that report in the debugging information at the bottom of the executed page s output (if that s enabled in the ColdFusion Administrator). The following is a sample of the output that might be shown there:
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Trace Points [10:36:44.044 D:\CFusionMX\wwwroot\cfbible\demo.cfm @ line: 9] [10 ms (1st trace)] [10:36:44.044 D:\CFusionMX\wwwroot\cfbible\demo.cfm @ line: 18] [30 ms (20 ms)] -
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This segment from the debugging output, labeled Trace Points shows an entry for each time that the CFTRACE was executed. Notice that the second entry concludes with the indication (20 ms) that tells us the code fragment took 20 milliseconds to execute. The CFTRACE tag, used this way, simply reports the time interval between the start of the template and the first CFTRACE (indicated as 1st trace in that output fragment), then the time between subsequent CFTRACEs.
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Part VII ColdFusion MX Development Practices
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Although you can also use the inline= yes attribute to cause the tracing information to appear within the output of the page (where the CFTRACE occurs) in addition to the debugging output, the inline version of information does not calculate the time difference between invocations of the CFTRACE. The same information is also automatically written to a log file the logs\cftrace.log file in the ColdFusion MX installation directory in the following format:
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Information , web-183 , 09/20/02 , 10:36:44 , TEST , [10 ms (1st trace)] [D:\CFusionMX\wwwroot\cfbible\demo.cfm @ line: 9] - Information , web-183 , 09/20/02 , 10:36:44 , TEST , [30 ms (20)] [D:\CFusionMX\wwwroot\cfbible\demo.cfm @ line: 18] -
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As 59 of this book explains, CFTRACE offers various ways to help make other aspects of debugging simpler. For instance, you can use the type and category attributes to group related traces, and the text and var attributes enable you to specify additional information to appear along with the trace (a message with the text or value of the value of the named variable, respectively). For the var attribute, a couple matters deserve clarification. First, the attribute expects the name of a variable in other words, a name without pound signs. Furthermore, if the variable named is a complex variable (such as a query or structure), the information appearing in the debugging output and log file lists only the variable name and number of elements in the complex variable object; it does not show the contents of the variable. If you specify inline= yes , however, it shows the output in the form of CFDUMP output. See chapters 7 and 48 for more information on CFDUMP and how it s output appears for complex variables.
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