Testing and Performance in Java

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42 Testing and Performance
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Concurrency testing
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Even if you don t think that your site needs to support thousands (or even hundreds) of concurrent users, make sure that you consider using some form of load-testing tool to determine what happens if even more than just one or a few users visit your site. Many an application is brought to its knees by problems with sessions that are unexpectedly shared among multiple users. Concurrency testing can catch this sort of problem. And it not only tests for multiple users accessing the code, but even just a single user opening multiple browsers. Using even the simplest of freeware tool to simulate multiple users visiting the site may reveal unexpected problems.
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Site monitoring
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Another form of integration testing that we list earlier is site monitoring, which can also be facilitated using the recorded scripts/scenarios from the testing tools we ve been describing in this section on Application-integration testing. Site monitoring tells you about the ongoing state of the application after it s in production, asking the simple questions: Is the site up Is anyone aware if it goes down Did changes break the site Most of the aforementioned Web-application testing tool-makers offer ways in which their tool can be set up to perform long-term monitoring of your applications. Other players in the market who can also provide tools for this task include freshwater.com and tracert.com, as well as several others. Some of these tools merely provide a mechanism to ping your site (or a given page) to ensure that the site is up and e-mail you if it goes down, while others are more elaborate in their testing and reporting. The Enterprise edition of CF MX offers yet another approach to site monitoring with its system-probes mechanism within the Administrator. (See 43 for a brief discussion of probes, and the ColdFusion MX manual Administering ColdFusion MX for more details.)
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Server-integration testing
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Finally, a CF project usually exists within the context of several other servers providing related services. Still more opportunities for testing your application are available in this area, including testing the availability and performance of the Web server (and cluster, if any), the physical hardware running the ColdFusion server, the particular database (and database server, if any), the mail server, the ftp server, and so on. It may be possible to use some of the tools listed at the opening of this section, but I raise this point simply so you don t forget to consider these cross-server integration issues as you develop a testing plan. We could discuss other forms of testing as well, such as usability, documentation, installation, configuration, reliability/recovery, end-to-end, unit, white/gray/black-box and so on. See the many resources that we offer in the section Resources For Learning More, near the end of this chapter, for more information on these and all the forms of testing that we discuss in this chapter.
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Performance Measurement
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Perhaps a flip side of testing is measurement in particular, performance measurement. How well is the application performing You can measure the performance of your application by several means, and performance can also be evaluated on several levels. Indeed, beyond such measurements within your ColdFusion application, you also face matters of measurement for the entire ColdFusion server. The next few sections deal with measuring ColdFusion performance.
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Part VII ColdFusion MX Development Practices
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You also must deal with measurement concerns involving your web server, database server, the server on which ColdFusion is running, and perhaps other issues, such as your network and other servers. We can t take the time to detail all those possibilities, plus it would be difficult with so many possible different configurations that our readers may have. There will be plenty of resources available to assist with the broader issue of server and operating system performance measurement, and we leave it to the reader to find those resources or seek assistance in measuring the non-ColdFusion aspects of their particular environment. But a discussion of ColdFusion-specific performance measurement is very appropriate and would in fact be harder to find discussed in general performance measurement and tuning books, to the following section focuses on that.
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