Testing and Performance in Java

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42 Testing and Performance
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Indeed, don t be lulled into the benefit of using the Every Time setting because it saves you needing to refresh the browser. For instance, you may have noticed that whenever you re browsing pages in the internal browser of HomeSite+/ColdFusion Studio, you need to refresh the page to see the latest version you ve created. Setting Every Time for your browser cache setting may facilitate development, but as this section has discussed, it s not the default setting for most visitors. Worse, in such a situation you may not even notice that you have a problem in that the average user is seeing stale data on a page generated from changed dynamic data while you always see the latest data. The better solution is to keep your browser set to its defaults (like most users) and instead use coding techniques offered in the previous sidebar, How You Can Influence Browser Caching in Code, to tell the browser not to cache the page.
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Search-engine compatibility and site-link popularity
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A final pair of tests involves only search engines and their success in finding your site. First, a feature at the Dr. Watson site (http://watson.addy.com/, which we mentioned in Webbased testing tools earlier in this chapter), helps identify design choices (such as the use of META tags) that can help search engines more easily reach and index your site. Visit the site, provide the URL for a page you want to test, and choose Check Search engine compatibility. The Dr. Watson site also helps you discover how well your site has been indexed by popular search engines (or by AltaVista, at least), by choosing check site link popularity. Still another useful tool for determining your site s popularity is available from Google. Perform a search in Google (at http://www.google.com) with the search criteria being link:siteURL, where you replace your site s domain name for siteURL. Each of these testing tools can prove useful in gauging how successfully visitors using different search engines can find your site.
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CFML-code testing
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All the tests that we describe in the preceding sections of this chapter can evaluate your code from an HTML perspective, but because you re writing your code in ColdFusion Markup Language, or CFML, you also face potential challenges in that aspect of your coding. Can your CFML be tested as well as your HTML Yes it can. Sadly, the choices are much more limited. Indeed, you may not even be able to use the tool offered in this section because it s a feature that Macromedia has chosen to enable only as a tool available inside the CF Administrator. CF MX offers a new Compatibility Analyzer that can prove very useful not only for migration testing (it s main purpose) but even just for CFML syntax checking. If you ve installed your own copy of ColdFusion MX, then you likely have access to the Administrator on your workstation, so you could benefit from this tool for testing just your own code. Why may you need a syntax checker, especially if your code is compiled as it s first executed and you can view the errors simply by running the program Well, consider that you re about to release some code. You may find that trying to run a given template in isolation may generate a runtime error if the code does not contain needed variables (such as session variables). ColdFusion programs are usually highly dependent on previously executed templates within the application. So you may be disinclined to try to run such a page. Or perhaps you have several pages that you ve edited that you would want to test. If you could test just the syntax without actually running the code, you can perhaps identify code that would never work, even at runtime. At a minimum, before turning the code over to
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