Part VII ColdFusion MX Development Practices in Java

Generation QR Code in Java Part VII ColdFusion MX Development Practices
Part VII ColdFusion MX Development Practices
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Dreamweaver MX also offers the File Check Page Check Target Browsers command that focuses on browser-specific support concerns. In other words, rather than just test for generic HTML validation errors, this feature lets you target the rules and features of specific browsers. This is especially helpful when you want to test your page or site for how well it will perform on browsers you don t have installed of don t use often. The feature doesn t launch the selected browser. Instead, it simply tests your code against the rules Dreamweaver has for that browser. As shown in Figure 42-2, on executing the command you are prompted to select the browser(s) against which you wish to test. By default, the dialogue opens with one browser selected (see Figure 42-2). To select more than one browser to test, press and hold the Ctrl key while selecting them. Press Check to run the validation tests. The Results panel will display any errors (in the Target Browser Check tab) and again you can double-click a row showing an error and the editor will show the line of code in error. To rerun the tests you can repeat the File Check Page Check Target Browsers command, but again because the Results panel is open after running a test, you can click the green triangle at the top left of the Results panel and again choose now to run the tests against the current file, the entire site, or selected folders.
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Figure 42-2: Check Target Browsers in Dreamweaver MX. If you re using HomeSite+ or ColdFusion Studio, you can use the Tools Validate Document command to do much the same sort of validation. (But you don t need to save the file before validating it, which is useful in validating output that you ve copied/pasted from a browser.) Each of the Web-based tools that we list in the preceding section offers HTML validation as well.
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42 Testing and Performance
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Dreamweaver MX offers still more options for HTML validation, which you can access by choosing Site Reports from the menu bar to open the Reports dialog box. The dialog box s options, shown in Figure 42-3, enable you to check for any of several possible errors: combinable nested font tags, accessibility, missing Alt text, redundant nested tags, removable empty tags, and untitled documents. In that dialogue, you can also choose to apply the selected tests to either the current document, selected files, or the entire site. After choosing Run, the results of the test are shown in the Results pane at the bottom of the screen, this time in the Site Reports tab.
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Figure 42-3: Site Reports in Dreamweaver MX.
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Cascading Style Sheet validation
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Just as you want to validate your HTML, you should also validate your Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). While HomeSite+/ColdFusion Studio includes TopStyle Lite, which is a CSS editor, and Dreamweaver MX offers an evaluation version on its CD, TopStyle Lite is not a CSS validator. The TopStyle Pro product, available at, includes an automatic mechanism to link to the W3C online CSS validator. But you can use that online tool yourself at On the page you will be shown at that address, choose the link to validate by URL (meaning you can provide a web page for it to validate) and provide the URL for a page on your site. The tool will report on the validity, and any errors or warnings in your use, of CSS on the page.
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Part VII ColdFusion MX Development Practices
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JavaScript validation
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If you re using JavaScript code in your application, you will want to make sure that code is valid. While neither Dreamweaver nor Studio/HomeSite+ offer any tools that can test the syntax of your scripts, there is at least one web-based tool that can validate JavaScript syntax. The JavaScript Lint page at offers a text area where you can paste in JavaScript code to check its validity. The fact that you must copy/paste the tool rather than point it to your page is an annoyance, but more important is that it s simply checking if the code would compile. It s not testing whether it would execute when browsed. For instance, it doesn t detect if variables are referenced that are not yet defined, though that would cause an error at runtime. We ll cover other aspects of JavaScript testing later in the sections, Testing for disabled JavaScript and Testing for JavaScript errors.
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