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Testing Web applications Measuring performance Performance tuning Learning more about testing and performance
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Part VII ColdFusion MX Development Practices
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Web-Application Testing
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Preceding chapters of this book give you all the skills that you need to create a ColdFusion Web application. But are you sure that you re ready to crank out production code Indeed, are you sure that your code is production ready How do you think that it may perform not only in terms of raw numbers of transactions per second, but also in simpler ways, such as how it works for customers. You can t simply trust that, because the application runs okay for you, it works just fine for everyone. Potential browser issues may crop up as a result of HTML choices that you ve made, the application s use of JavaScript, accessibility and usability issues, and much more. You may even discover problems in the CFML coding choices that you ve made. (Remembering all the best coding practices can often prove difficult.) Add to those problems unanticipated errors in such areas as the database and the server on which you re hosting the application or unexpected load increases, and you can quickly see that you need to work a little harder to make sure that the code really runs well in production. Whether you re a lone code-slinger or part of a large team, you need to know about testing. Many CF developers, however, are not aware of the options that may already be available to them without cost or much effort. In the following sections, we organize such options into the following three categories: HTML-oriented testing CFML code testing Application integration testing We re not talking about performance tuning yet, covering that instead in the latter half of this chapter. Despite assumptions of many, there s more to web application testing than just performance.
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HTML-oriented testing
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Did you know that you can perform at least 13 different kinds of tests against the HTML produced by your ColdFusion applications, ranging from HTML syntax validation to link checking, to testing cookie support and JavaScript error detection CF developers who don t recognize the importance of these kinds of tests often dismiss them. Indeed, although you may be tempted to skip this section and proceed to the section CFML Code Testing, later in this chapter, taking a few minutes to become familiar with the possibilities is well worth your time. We ll cover the following in this section: HTML validation Cascading Style Sheet validation JavaScript validation Link checking Spell-checking Document weight (download time) testing Browser-size testing
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42 Testing and Performance
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Accessibility testing Testing for disabled JavaScript Testing for disabled cookie support Testing for JavaScript errors Testing for browser caching issues Search-engine compatibility and site-link popularity Before looking into each of those, you should understand the difference between tools that run on your workstation (what I call local testing tools ) and tools that are web-based tools where an external resource performs evaluation of your program. Each has its place in your toolkit, and you may be surprised to learn what s available. First, let s discuss some differences between local and web-based testing tools.
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Local testing tools
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Several tools are available to aid with testing from your workstation, and many of them are free. Indeed, editors like Macromedia s Dreamweaver MX, ColdFusion Studio, and HomeSite+ all include features to perform such validation and testing. A problem arises, however, in using editors such as these to perform HTML-oriented testing. Their testing tools are designed for performing tests against HTML source files. But in Web applications created by using ColdFusion, for instance, the source file is a combination of CFML and HTML, so that can confuse the testing tools, reporting errors that may not exist or failing to catch errors that may exist only when the file is executed from a browser. Indeed, the important HTML to be tested is that which is shown to the user who is browsing the page. Such HTML is often generated dynamically, and therefore, it is the output of your application that must be tested, rather than the source. The testing features in editors don t typically process the output of your pages. This doesn t means such editors are not useful just challenging.
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Note How could you test the output of your page in an editor like those mentioned One solution is to use the web-based tools discussed in the next section. But it is possible to apply local testing tools and editors to the output of your dynamic pages. Simply run a page to be tested in your browser and view its HTML source code (by choosing View Source from the menu bar in Internet Explorer and View Page Source in Netscape). Copy that HTML into the clipboard (by using Ctrl+A to select all, and Ctrl+C to copy it to the clipboard). Open a new blank page in the editor and then paste the copied HTML into the editor (by pressing Ctrl+V). Now you can run the editor s testing tools, as discussed in the remainder of this section. Dreamweaver MX requires that you save such a file first before testing it, however, which can complicate matters sometimes.
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In this first half of the chapter, we ll show examples of using Dreamweaver MX, which is Macromedia s now-preferred editor for web application developers. A trial edition has been included on the CD accompanying this book. Because many developers may still be using the older ColdFusion Studio and HomeSite products, or the HomeSite+ product included on the Dreamweaver CD, I ll also provide instructions for using the features where they exist in those tools as well.
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