Figure 41-3: Selecting a new default template in ColdFusion Studio. in Java

Integrated qr barcode in Java Figure 41-3: Selecting a new default template in ColdFusion Studio.
Figure 41-3: Selecting a new default template in ColdFusion Studio.
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A snippet is a named block of code that is split into top and bottom halves so that it can wrap around other code. To create a snippet, follow these steps: 1. Switch to the Snippets tab of the resource pane.
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Part VII ColdFusion MX Development Practices
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2. If a folder isn t already in the snippets panel, right-click anywhere in the snippets panel and choose Create Folder from the pop-up menu. Give the folder a name. 3. Right-click the folder that now appears in the snippets panel and choose Add Snippet from the pop-up menu. This opens the Snippet dialog. 4. Type a descriptive name for the snippet in the Description field of the Snippet dialog. 5. In the Start Text field of the Snippet dialog, type the complete opening tag to a CFQUERY call, as follows:
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<cfquery name= datasource= #Request.MainDSN# . . .> (blank line)
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6. In the End Text field, type the following:
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(blank line) </cfquery>
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7. After your Snippet dialog box looks like what s shown in Figure 41-4, click OK. 8. Type an SQL statement into a new document and select the SQL statement you just typed. Double-click the snippet that you just created (it should appear in the snippets panel underneath the folder you created earlier), and your SQL is surrounded by the CFQUERY tag pair. You can create a snippet for any purpose, and you don t need to create a split snippet that wraps around code; you can just fill in the Start Text or End Text field, and the snippet appears wherever your cursor is as you double-click the snippet. Snippets are useful for creating large visible character sequences to use as visual bookmarks in your code.
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Figure 41-4: Creating a code snippet in the Snippet dialog box.
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41 ColdFusion Studio and HomeSite+ Tips and Tricks
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If you don t want your snippet code to butt against your selected code when you insert the snippet into your code, make sure that you end your top half and start your bottom half with blank lines. If you do want your snippet to wrap right up to the very start and end of your selected code, omit the blank lines.
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Snippet shortcuts
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Snippets are fast, but they re even faster if you assign shortcuts to them by following these steps: 1. Choose Options Customize from the ColdFusion Studio menu bar; this opens the Customize dialog box. 2. Switch to the Snippet Shortcuts tab, as shown in Figure 41-5. 3. Select a snippet from the tree of snippets and assign it a keyboard shortcut by typing the shortcut into the field below the tree of snippets. 4. Click OK. Now if you use the keyboard shortcut that you just assigned, the snippet is inserted into your document at the insertion point or wraps around selected code.
Figure 41-5: Assigning a shortcut to a snippet.
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Tab/Shift+Tab indenting
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If you ve been programming in other languages, you ve probably gotten used to indenting and outdenting your code by selecting an entire block and pressing either Tab to indent or Shift+Tab to outdent. ColdFusion studio finally added this capability in Version 4.5, but you must enable it by following these steps:
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Part VII ColdFusion MX Development Practices
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1. Choose Options Settings from the ColdFusion Studio menu bar to open the Settings dialog box. 2. Select the Editor node in the tree on the left. 3. Scroll to the bottom of the Options checklist and select the Tab/Shift+Tab Performs Block Indent/Unindent check box, as shown in Figure 41-6. 4. Click Apply.
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Figure 41-6: Enabling Tab/Shift+Tab indenting.
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Table Wizard
We re constantly surprised by how many developers have never heard of the Table Wizard! We use it 99 percent of the time in creating HTML tables, and it saves us dozens of hours of lost labor per year. To use the Table Wizard, follow these steps: 1. Click the Tables tab of your QuickBar. 2. Click the Table Wizard icon in the QuickBar to launch the Table Wizard. (It s usually on the far left of the tab.) 3. Lay out the rows and columns of your table and their spans by using the + and buttons in the Table Design area of the Table Wizard, as shown in Figure 41-7. Click the Next button when you have partitioned the table cells how you want. 4. Specify your table-formatting properties, then click Next.