Validating Username and Password in Java

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Validating Username and Password
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The discussion of declarative basic authentication in the preceding section indicates that that particular approach automatically looks up the username and password in configuration files built into the Web server. That was getting a little ahead of things, because in the first three approaches (using a simple form, using a form with j_username, and programmatic basic authentication) that we discuss in this chapter, we don t specify how to actually authenticate the user. In each of those cases, we leave the situation as follows:
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<!--- would validate username/password here --->
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What do you actually do for that step It depends on your application, as well as which of the other three styles of login prompt you chose to use. So focus first on the bigger picture question: Where do you look up usernames and passwords anyway
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40 Integrating Security
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Authenticating against a database
For many developers, the simplest solution is to perform authentication (that is, looking up a given username and password) against a database table either one that already exists in the environment or one that they create for the purpose of holding username and password values for legitimate users. Still other developers may already have a database containing information about their users (members, customers, employees) and can add authentication support simply by adding username, password, and perhaps other fields to an existing table.
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Note There is a database installed with CFMX called CompanyInfo, with a corresponding LoginInfo table. If you d like to use that as an example and need to create the datasource, the database is installed in [cfusion-home]\db\company.mdb.
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Assume that, for now, you want to authenticate against the table called LoginInfo in the CompanyInfo datasource. If we use the forms we created in the section Prompting by using a simple form above, then we will have form fields called form.username and form.password presented after the user submits the form. (If you were following along in the section Using special form variables: j_username and j_password or have used the approach offered in Using programmatic basic authentication, then instead use the and cflogin.password fields). To perform authentication against this database, you can use a query such as the following:
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<cfquery datasource= CompanyInfo name= GetLogin > SELECT UserID FROM LoginInfo WHERE UserID= #form.username# AND Password= #form.password# </cfquery>
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If you were to run the test.cfm we had developed in CFLOGIN in action earlier in the chapter, you would now be expected to provide values that are found in this sample CompanyInfo database. One of the records includes a value of username with bobz who has a password of ads10. But how do we in fact test that the user has given us those expected values, or that whatever values they give us cause us to find a corresponding record in the database The next step is to decide whether the values presented are a valid username/password pair. We continue with that in Proceeding based on success or failure of authentication, after we take a moment in the next section to address another form of authentication that some may prefer.
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Authenticating against an OS/LDAP repository
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Rather than authenticate against a database table, you may work in an environment with an available repository for usernames and passwords that is used to control access to all resources on the server. Rather than create a new table of usernames and passwords in any database, you may prefer (or be expected) to use that. Examples include an LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) server or a Windows NT domain. For those who need to use such a repository for authentication, an article addressing several approaches to doing that is available from Macromedia; called Security Best Practices: Authenticating And Authorizing Against NT Domains with ColdFusion MX, it s available at Despite the title of the article, it also discusses authenticating against an LDAP server.
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