Fusebox Basics in Java

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37 Fusebox Basics
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A_F B_C B_D B_E B_F C_D C_E C_F D_E D_F E_F Doubling the number of independent, interactive components quintuples the number of possible interactions. The system has gone from a small number of moving parts to one five times more prone to break down, because a system with more components has far more chances for any one of these interactions to fail. This is true whether the components are mechanical or as in the case of Web development people. In both cases, complexity undermines the system s stability. Now, take the same number of components six and rearrange them so that, instead of interacting with each other, they interact with a single, central point that we call FB, as shown in Figure 37-2.
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Figure 37-2: Rearranging components into a hub-and-spoke pattern. Following is a listing of all possible unique interactions: FB _ A FB _ B FB _ C
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Part VII ColdFusion MX Development Practices
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FB _ D FB _ E FB _ F We add a component, FB, yet reduce the complexity to less than half of its original. The difference becomes even more marked with more components; complexity has been tamed. In the 1960s, United Airlines announced that it would employ a hub-and-spoke pattern for managing its flights. Instead of flying directly from one city to another, a plane would fly from its origin to a central hub. Then another plane would transfer passengers from that hub to the planned destination. This was done amid outcries that such a system would never work that it would be unwieldy, duplicative, and inefficient. Today, of course, virtually every airline has adopted the hub-and-spoke arrangement. Fusebox provides a similar hub-and-spoke design pattern with similar beneficial results. Instead of individuals needing to manage multiple interactions with a large number of other people, Fusebox provides a central architecture that is far more easily managed. This has proven very successful, both in building an application and perhaps more important in maintaining it. The argument for agreement on an application architecture makes sense for a number of other reasons and transcends the choice of the architecture chosen. Such an agreement is likely to enable individuals to collaborate on a project far more easily in the same way that a common human language greatly eases communication and collaboration. And the adoption of a common architectural framework based on a well-published and accepted standard can also provide a competitive advantage to the adopting group, as clients and prospects are often more willing to choose a vendor that has adopted a standard practice. Such adoption provides insurance for them in case that a sole vendor is not responsive to their future needs or as in the case of the dot-bomb explosion is simply no longer in business. Individual developers, too, benefit from the adoption of a standard, as management is more likely to invest in tools and training for a single framework than it is if each member of the development team has no such uniting framework. Learning to work with an architectural framework is also empowering to individual developers in managing their careers. This is often referred to as the network effect. Look at the case of the adoption of fax machines. A single fax machine has very little benefit. Anyone investing in one is simply gambling that, at some point, others are going to be adopted so that someone is there to communicate with. A few fax machines have more benefit at least you have a better chance that you can use faxes to communicate but the investment risk is still considerable. The real benefit accrues after fax machines become ubiquitous. Now the investment risk is actually negative not owning one puts the company at a disadvantage. Similarly, separate companies agreeing on a standard framework provides a network effect, helping ensure that individuals who invest the effort and time to develop expertise in that framework benefit because they can transfer that expertise from one company to another. At the very least, such ease of mobility helps developers in negotiating with their current employers.
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