Documenting Your Code in Java

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36 Documenting Your Code
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CFML comments
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CFML comments are stripped out by ColdFusion Server, and white space is left in their place, so the resulting HTML sent to your Web server for delivery to the user s browser contains a bit of bloat from this white space. You can control this by using the ColdFusion tags and techniques that we discuss in this book. The main thing is that you can t see any of your CFML comments by viewing source in your browser if, for some reason, you want to see whether certain parts of your application are processing correctly or you want to see exactly where an error occurred in a loop. CFML comments open with a left-angle bracket, an exclamation point, and three hyphens; they close with three more hyphens and a right angle bracket, as follows:
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<!--- This is a CFML comment. --->
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CFML comments can span multiple lines, too, as the following example shows:
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<!--This is a very long CFML comment that describes a complicated piece of code and therefore requires more than a single line of text. --->
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If you still code by using ColdFusion Studio 5, make sure that you implement the F5 Yellow Comments trick in 41 to make your CFML comments easy to read and write.
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HTML comments
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HTML comments do pass through ColdFusion Server unchanged, so they are returned to your Web server and then to your browser. By strategically placing descriptive HTML comments inside loops, If tests, Switch statements, and in template headers, you can trace the exact path of code execution by choosing View Source in your browser. You can place both single-line and multiline HTML comments in your code, just as you can with CFML comments. The only difference is that HTML comments have two hyphens rather than three, as the following examples show:
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<!-- This is an HTML comment. --> <!-This is a very long HTML comment that describes a complicated piece of code and therefore requires more than a single line of text. -->
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Make sure that you either convert your HTML comments to CFML comments or remove them before deployment, as you don t want end users learning about the internals of your code.
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SQL comments
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Documenting your SQL statements makes sense, because the database does most of your application s heavy lifting and is therefore a critical part of your enterprise that deserves its own documentation.
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Part VII ColdFusion MX Development Practices
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The following comment forms work with Microsoft SQL Server, which is the most common database server used with ColdFusion. Your database server s commenting requirements may differ.
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Single-line comments can be embedded in CFQUERY calls as follows:
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-- Never break a single-line SQL comment onto a second line
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Multiline comments are embedded as follows:
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/* If you need to create multiline comments in your SQL, just enclose the lines of comments like this */
Both of these comment formats can also be used directly in stored procedures created directly in the database itself.
JavaScript comments
Multiline JavaScript comments work just as do multiline SQL comments, as follows:
/* If you need to create multiline comments in your JavaScript, just enclose the lines of comments like this */
Single-line comments are different, however, as the following example shows:
// This is a single line comment in JavaScript
Remember that all JavaScript comments flow through to your browser and are, therefore, visible if you use the View Source command to view them in your browser.
XML considerations
Don t embed a pair of hyphens in an XML or XHTML comment. Doing so throws a parsing error. XML is documented with plain HTML comments. See 30 for details.
Documenting changes
We prefer to briefly document code changes directly where they appear in the code rather than group them in the header. That way, we don t need to read documentation in one place, go hunting for comments in the code, and then look back and forth between comment and code trying to interpret what the comment really means. To assist us in finding all our changes, we religiously use source-code version control (see 39), and we also encode our change comments as follows: