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CommerceBlocks 2.1 enables you to build the entire administrative interface for your application in a matter of minutes. You point it to your relational database, and CommerceBlocks reads it in and builds an entire hierarchy of your database s tables, columns, and relationships. As soon as you read the database structure, you can click Generate, and the interfaces are all built for you. By default, every table is given a search page, a list, and separate Add, View, Edit, and Delete forms. In addition, CommerceBlocks automatically detects any auto-incrementing keys and treats them accordingly whenever adding or editing a record. You can save the database structure into a project file (CommerceBlocks uses a proprietary CBP file format), and at that point, you can modify many aspects of the project. You can change field and table labels, and you can give each table a meaningful description. You can change the type of control used for a column or change how a particular column is validated.
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You can also define sort orders for each table by using a neat little chooser interface. What s also nice is that, in any interface in CommerceBlocks, you can display information from both the main table and any of its parent tables; in other words, you could display both an employee s name and the name of the company he works for in the same list. CommerceBlocks generates code that s rather simple to understand. That all the generated code contains comments describing exactly what s going on and that it s well-written, clean, and concise code helps. Another way that CommerceBlocks assists you is in its innovative LiveHelp feature. Wherever you are in the application, the bottom pane shows a Help document describing the interface. CommerceBlocks does have some faults. Chief among these is its database support. It was built primarily for Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server, and it can also perform well for Oracle. Other database platforms, however, can cause errors while CommerceBlocks reads the database structure. Some interface elements also don t seem quite right. The generated code can be a little confusing at times, too, but it is still some of the best-generated code on the market. Ultimately, CommerceBlocks 2.1 is an excellent tool for developers who want to get a jump start on their projects and don t want to get locked into one way of doing things. CommerceBlocks is easy to use, and understanding and modifying the generated code so that it fits in well to your application is very easy, too. You can get CommerceBlocks from Productivity Enhancement by going to www.
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CodeCharge is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool for Web applications. It can generate rather capable applications in many different programming languages, including CFML, ASP, and PHP. It enables you to get a pretty nice-looking site up in a much shorter time than ordinary. CodeCharge has an excellent tutorial that takes you through the process of building an entire application. The tutorial takes a few hours to complete, but after you re done, you feel very comfortable with the product. The beauty of CodeCharge is its capability to enable you to build complicated applications visually with only a minimum of extra code. Creating a master-detail form in which you can view a sales order and all of its line items at the same time, for example, is a simple process of pointing CodeCharge to your database, creating the pages used to access this master-detail information, and then literally dropping the master and detail forms onto your page. CodeCharge works in terms of pages and forms, enabling you to be flexible on the pages that you create. CodeCharge s included library of themes makes the generated pages look beautiful. The main problem with CodeCharge is the code that it generates. It is nearly impossible to understand and even more impossible to modify. In short, if you need any kind of advanced functionality, steer clear of CodeCharge, because it cannot help you. The security model is also severely limited and rather difficult to use. In a nutshell, CodeCharge is good for someone who needs a site up and running quickly and has no need to modify any code. For an advanced or even intermediate developer, however, you can often achieve similar or better results by coding the application by hand. CodeCharge is available from YesSoftware at
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