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Empirix e-TEST Suite 6.5
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e-TEST Suite is the most capable, yet easy-to-use load-testing software suite in the world. By using e-TEST Suite, you can record every detail of various users Web-browsing sessions and mix and match them into comprehensive test scenarios that replicate simultaneous user activity. You then replace user-entered form-field values from these various sessions with external testing data sets, specify how much think time (if any) your user actions have between page requests, and specify how many virtual users you want to run the test against and how rapidly you want to ramp up to that number of users. You can even distribute the load test between multiple machines on your network for an even more accurate test. You can fully automate your load tests through e-TEST s built-in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) environment, which is very straightforward to anyone who has used any flavor of VBA, JScript, or VBScript. VBA enables e-TEST Suite to do virtually anything that you would ever want it to, so developers with advanced testing needs can take heart. After you click the Execute Test button, stand back for the fireworks. You see as never before exactly how your ColdFusion application operates under load. We hope that you have a robust exception-handling framework in place, because you re most likely going to throw errors that you ve never dreamed of. And we hope that you don t have any questionable coding techniques in place such as SELECT MAX(ID) because these are most likely also to fail under heavy load and start putting Ms. McReady s line items on Mr. Darwish s sales order.
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Part VI Extending Your ColdFusion MX Applications
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These are things that you don t want to find out about after deployment. In fact, at Productivity Enhancement, we use load testing during initial proof-of-concept work to indeed prove that an engineering concept works under load. We also thoroughly test critical blocks of code with test harnesses under full load to determine whether they can deploy before we complete a module and then load-test the module as a whole. Since employing e-TEST Suite in our everyday development efforts, we have never had a load-based failure in an application under the most extreme conditions. e-TEST Suite doesn t stop there, however. You can also graph resource usage during the test and discover whether you re storing too much in Session variables and, thereby, choking RAM, for example. This is a very common problem for most ColdFusion developers, and one that you can learn to engineer around with the help of e-TEST Suite. You need to see only once the various metrics such as memory paging to disk and available memory go out of whack after hitting 10 users and watch the entire system continuously peg the CPU at 20 users to convince you that rigorous load testing has helped you avert absolute disaster. You can even monitor your database server s metrics during the test to see how it s fairing against the multi-user onslaught. e-TEST Suite is currently in Version 6.5, which adds even-better Flash application support and streaming media testing, a welcome addition to all ColdFusion MX developers who have taken the joyful plunge into developing Flash MX Remoting applications. Version 6.5 introduces a slew of new features and functionality, so rather than list them here, we invite you to visit Empirix.com and download a fully functioning trial copy. The guys at Empirix are even willing to schedule a fast-track telephone training session at a time that s convenient for you. If you are going to be a truly professional ColdFusion developer, you must employ rigorous formal load testing in your development efforts, and we are convinced, after our own very thorough search for the right load-testing tool, that e-TEST Suite is the very best solution. We ve invested our own time and money into e-TEST Suite, and we would do it again. We only wish that we had purchased e-TEST Suite much, much sooner. e-TEST Suite is available from www.empirix.com.
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