Controlling the types of files that can be uploaded in Java

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Controlling the types of files that can be uploaded
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One other attribute available for the CFFILE action= upload is the accept attribute, which enables you to control (or, to be more accurate, reject) any attempts to upload file formats that you re not prepared to accept. The type specified in the value of the accept attribute is a comma-separated list of MIME types. If you want to permit GIF and JPG formatted images, for example, you can specify the
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Part VI Extending Your ColdFusion MX Applications
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example tag from the preceding sections (with the option to make file names unique) as follows:
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<cffile action= upload filefield= photo destination= c:\CFusionMX\wwwroot\members\ accept= image/gif,image/jpeg >
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The MIME type for the file that s uploaded is determined and passed to the server from the browser. Generally, browsers determine the MIME type from the file extension, but this is browser-specific. If the server receives a file of a type that s not expected, the CFFILE tag generates a ColdFusion error. Again, you may want to test such code within a CFTRY/CFCATCH error-handling routine, which is covered in 21, Handling Exceptions. Notice that no mechanism is available to limit the file uploaded in any other way, including, most noticeably, its size. You have no means of detecting the size before proceeding with the CFFILE tag to store the file, but you can indeed check the size of the file after its stored on the server by using the variable cffile.filesize. You can also delete the file if you detect that it s an excessively large one, for example, by using the CFFILE Action= delete .
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Available upload status variables
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We mention a couple of the available variables that report on the status of an attempted CFFILE action= upload . You can find a table of them in the Macromedia ColdFusion CFML Reference Manual s covereage of the CFFILE tag, under the usage section for action= upload . These variables all begin with the cffile. prefix, and the most important ones are cffile.serverfile (the name of the file stored on the server) and cffile.filesize (the size of the file in bytes as stored on the server).
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Note Before ColdFusion5, these variables were referred to by the prefix file. instead of cffile.. Although you may see code that with older form of reference, it s formally deprecated and should be modified.
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Other interesting cffile variables tell you more about the file as it existed on the client (its location, name, extension, size, and type), the file as it is now on the server (its location, name, and extension), as well as its creation and modification date/time, whether the process overwrote a previous file, and, if so, details about the file that it overwrote, including its name and size.
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Possible tag restrictions
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Again, as with all the file actions described in preceding sections of this chapter, you face an important security issue: Unless the CF Administrator has taken steps to change installation defaults, the CFFILE tag can be used to upload a file to any directory on any drive that s accessible to the ColdFusion server (or to the user under whose name the server is running in environments that provide such process authorization). Because of the potential for abuse (for example, users reading/writing to system files that they shouldn t, reading/writing to files belonging to other CF developers on the server that they shouldn t, or uploading files into directories that they shouldn t), an option in the ColdFusion Administrator can disable the CFFILE tag entirely.
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32 Adding Useful ColdFusion MX Features to Your Application
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Unfortunately, this restriction is very broad, meaning that it applies to any use of the tag by any developer on the server attempting any of the three categories of CFFILE processing. It can t ne restricted to permit file uploads but prevent the reading of files. It also can t be set to permit some people to do things while restricting others nor to permit actions against only specific directories (perhaps for specific users). Such restrictions aren t impossible. ColdFusion does offer a form of security that can be implemented, called sandbox security, which can achieve all of these objectives. (See 44 for more on various forms of security available in ColdFusion, including sandbox security.) Unfortunately, most shops may be slow to implement sandbox security. It s a new feature, and its previous implementation in CF5 and earlier was especially challenging. The new CF MX approach is much simpler. Still, it s no small effort to set up, defining which resources (files, directories, tags, functions, datasources, and so on) that code in a given directory can access. So some shops simply disable the CFFILE tag (along with several related ones, also discussed in 44). As such, you have little choice if your site has restricted the CFFILE tag but to persuade the administrator to implement sandbox security. You do have one other alternative, again discussed later in this book and unknown to many: The unsecured tags directory, which does permit the execution of otherwise restricted tags. This approach is discussed in a February 2002 ColdFusion Developer s Journal (CFDJ) article, Unlocking Restricted Use of CFFILE, CFCONTENT, and More, by Charlie Arehart.
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