Reading a file on the server in Java

Receive qr barcode in Java Reading a file on the server
Reading a file on the server
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If you need or want to read a file s contents into a ColdFusion variable, the CFFILE tag offers a very simple mechanism to do so. To read the contents of a file named test.txt in the directory c:\temp\ so that they are stored in a ColdFusion variable named holdfile, for example, the tag you would use is as follows:
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<cffile action= read file= C:\TEMP\TEST.TXT variable= holdfile >
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This code reads the entire file into the single variable. From there, you can do with it whatever you want, including using the variable in a CFQUERY tag to insert the contents into a database. More likely, you may want to manipulate the contents now in the variable by using any of ColdFusion s many string-manipulation functions, such as paragraphformat(), or find(). If you try to output the variable s value to the screen by using CFOUTPUT, make sure that the file contents are not pure text (but are HTML). If they re plain text, the browser ignores white spaces between words and lines of text, and it also ignores line breaks and carriage returns, causing the file to appear compressed into one large block of text. You can improve the appearance in that case by using the ColdFusion formatting function, paragraphformat().
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32 Adding Useful ColdFusion MX Features to Your Application
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The following code sample reads the contents of the CF server s application.log (one of CF s many administrative log files) and displays it on-screen. Notice the use of the paragraphformat() function to enhance the appearance of the output, as follows:
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<cffile action= read file= C:\CFusionMX\logs\application.log variable= getlog > <cfoutput>#paragraphformat(getlog)#</cfoutput> Caution Unless the CF Administrator takes steps to change installation defaults, the CFFILE tag can be used to read, write, move, and so on any file on any drive accessible to the ColdFusion Server (or accessible to the user under which the server is running in environments that provide such process authorization). See the section, Possible tag restrictions, later in this chapter, for more information.
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Reading a binary file
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If the contents of the file that you want to read are binary in nature (an image or a word-processing file format), you want to use action= readbinary . You can still read the contents into a ColdFusion variable, but you can t use CFOUTPUT to display the value, because CFOUTPUT can display only data that can be converted to a string-data format. You can store the data into a database column or write it to another file (by using CFFILE action= write , as we discuss in the next section).
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Writing to a file on the server
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Just as you can read an entire file s contents to a ColdFusion variable, you can perform the reverse action as well, writing a variable (or any string, really) to a text file. As an example, the file that you read into ColdFusion in the section, Reading a file on the server, can be written out to another path/name as follows:
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<cffile action= write file= c:\temp\testoutput.txt output= #getlog# addnewline= no >
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Of course, for this code to execute, you need a variable called getlog to be defined before the tag executes. And if the file named in the FILE attribute doesn t already exist, it is created. Additional attributes are available to the tag that aren t needed but may be useful, including the option to specify file attributes (readonly, hidden, and so on) for the file created, an option to specify the mode that sets permissions on Unix platforms and is ignored in Windows, and an option to indicate whether a newline character is written to the file after the specified contents in the output attribute. See 60 in the Language Reference for more information. Before leaving the discussion of writing to files, you should also know ColdFusion s append action (as in action= append ). The attributes for this are the same as for the write action; the difference is that the data written to the named file by using append is added at the end of the file, if one already exists (otherwise, a file is created). This option can be particularly useful for creating log files or writing other sorts of output files.
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Note You have a better way to create log files than by using write or append. Release 5 of ColdFusion introduced a new CFLOG tag that is much more capable and straightforward to use, especially for writing to the standard administrative CF log files.
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