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forming several operations in a single FTP processing session.
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Part V Integrating ColdFusion MX with Other Technologies
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If instead you need to retrieve a file from a remote server via HTTP rather than FTP, that s one use of CFHTTP. We learned that we can extract a CSV or other tabular-formatted file and retrieve it into ColdFusion as a query result set. That s not a feature that many know about. More typically, it s used to grab the HTML output of a web page and pull that into a variable within our ColdFusion template. From there we saw that we could parse the HTML to select and perhaps display just some portion of the page. Finally, we also saw that we could use CFHTTP to simulate submission of a form, in particular by use of the CFHTTPPARAM tag.
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Extending Your ColdFusion MX Applications
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In This Part
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32 Adding Useful ColdFusion MX Features to Your Application 33 Charting Data with ColdFusion MX 34 Leveraging Nifty Custom Tags 35 Tools to Enhance the Development Environment
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Adding Useful ColdFusion MX Features to Your Application
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Running unattended tasks by using CFSCHEDULE or the Administrator Scheduled Task facility Reading, writing, manipulating, and uploading files by using
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n this chapter, we introduce some features in ColdFusion that you may consider using to enhance your application. They re not new to ColdFusion MX, but they re certainly classics, and they re often misunderstood (or plain missed) by many CF developers. Each may involve some coordination with the CF Administrator, but we cover what you need to know so that you can effectively address any considerations that they may raise.
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Creating searchable file libraries or query results by using Verity Indexing
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The first, CFSCHEDULE, enables you to create automation processes that execute at scheduled intervals. This can prove very useful if you have some process that needs to run repeatedly or at some point in the future. We discuss both setting up and using the scheduling features. The second, CFFILE, is one of the richest of all CF tags in that it can perform many different functions, which can be broken into three broad areas. As suggested by its name, it enables the manipulation of files on the CF server. In one respect, it enables the processing of files as a whole (moving them, deleting them, and so on). In another respect, it enables you to read from and write to files. Finally, it also enables you to upload files from the client via a special HTTP form feature. We discuss each of these. The third feature, Verity Indexing, enables you to create a searchable library of files on your server, which can be especially useful if you have a large number of HTML documents, word-processing files, spreadsheets, presentations, and Acrobat PDF files, to name just a few. The process of creating, populating, and searching an index of such files is quite straightforward and may be one of the underutilized features in CF. We show you the basics and point you to other resources to learn still more, including how to leverage the Verity index capability to add more power to database searching as well.
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Part VI Extending Your ColdFusion MX Applications
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Running Unattended Tasks by Using CFSCHEDULE or the Administrator Scheduled Task Page
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Have you ever wanted to execute some part of your application in an automated fashion, such that it occurs after some length of time or at some recurring point in a business cycle Maybe you want to archive the records of customers who haven t placed an order in the past 12 months or you want to send an e-mail to members whose expiration date is approaching. You may also want to set up a scheduled task to repopulate a Verity index each day or week. (We discuss Verity indexes in the section Creating Searchable File Libraries or Query Results by Using Verity Indexing, later in this chapter.) The good news is that, if you have a ColdFusion template that performs some desired processing to be executed in an unattended, perhaps repeated manner, you can indeed schedule it by using the CFSCHEDULE tag. You can also use the Scheduled Tasks feature available in the ColdFusion Administrator, if you have access to that. The feature can execute any available URL it s really not limited to just CF pages nor even to those only on your own server. You can also choose to store any HTML output from the execution of the scheduled task for later viewing. This could prove handy if you need to create a report from a Web page for a user who doesn t have access to the application.
New Feature This scheduled-task feature was originally used by many to create static output of dynamic pages that may be visited by a large number of users but that contained content that didn t change often. Rather than point users to the dynamic CFML-generated page, they would use the scheduled-task capability to create a separate HTML file and then point users to that HTML file. This rather tedious process is obviated by the CFCACHE tag. (See the ColdFusion documentation for more information on that tag.) The documentation for the scheduler, however, still refers to this outmoded process as one of the uses for the feature, without mentioning CFCACHE. Certainly, if for some reason you can t use the CFCACHE tag, knowing that this scheduled-task feature is available is useful.
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The scheduled-task feature in ColdFusion is separate from a similar capability that may be available in your operating system. Windows has its own notion of scheduled tasks, and Unix has chron jobs. Although these features are generally used to execute some sort of system command or batch file on a scheduled basis, they may not be available to you as a developer. They re also not designed to execute CF templates (although they can indeed do that, but discussing that feature is beyond the scope of this book). Remember, too, that the CF Scheduled Task feature enables you to execute a Web page, that is, any URL that can be called from the server that s hosting ColdFusion. An operating-system scheduler, on the other hand, generally just executes locally available commands.
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