CFHTTP, however, has a special mechanism in it that can not only read such a tabular data file in Java

Use qr codes in Java CFHTTP, however, has a special mechanism in it that can not only read such a tabular data file
CFHTTP, however, has a special mechanism in it that can not only read such a tabular data file
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(whether local or remote), but also turn the result into a query result set. Though all the previous examples of CFHTTP create a cfhttp.filecontent result that you d need to parse, if you instead use the name attribute, CFHTTP indeed reads the given file and produces in the named variable a result set that you can treat just as if it were a CFQUERY. To see it work, assume that a file of CSV data is available at
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http://ourdomain/somedir/somefile.txt, with data that looks as follows: id,fname,lname,deptid,salary,city,state 1, Bob , Smith ,1,100000, Nashua , NH 2, Jan , Carlson ,1,75000, Newton , MA 3, Joe , Johnson ,3,56000, Providence , RI 5, Larry , David ,2,38750, Derry , NH 6, Jim , Jones ,2,110000, Newton , MA 7, Carolyn , Dawn ,1,103780, Sharon , MA
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This is a fairly typical example of a CSV file. Notice that each line has some data, separated, or delimited, by commas. And if one of those values is a string, it s enclosed in, or qualified by, double quotes. (ColdFusion can handle files with other delimiters and qualifiers, as you ll see later in this section.) Notice, too, that the first line acts as a header, providing a name for each of the data elements on a row. With this sort of file at that given location, reading it in by using a CFHTTP and converting it to a ColdFusion query result set is very easy, as in the following example:
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<cfhttp url=http://ourdomain/somedir/somefile.txt name= GetData >
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The value provided for the name attribute can be anything that is valid for a ColdFusion variable. Indeed, the result of running this query is that you now have a query result set named GetData which has columns corresponding to the names in the header; you can, therefore, follow it with a CFOUTPUT query loop (or a CFDUMP or any tag that works with query result sets). The following example shows how you may output the name and city for each record in the text file:
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<cfoutput query= GetData > #fname# #lname# - #city#<br> </cfoutput>
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See how you can not only treat the GetData variable as a query result set, but of course can also treat each of those data names from the first row s header as column names And, again, you can use this form of the CFHTTP tag for local as well as remote files. What if the file that you are reading doesn t have a header row naming the column names Or what if you want to override those names In either case, you can use the available columns attribute and provide a comma-delimited list of values to use as the column names for the generated query result set.
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New Feature If the file has no row of headers, you also want to use the firstrowasheaders= no attribute, which is newly available in CF MX.
31 Communicating via Mail, FTP, and HTTP
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What if the file that you are reading doesn t use commas for delimiters and double quotes for the qualifier of strings No problem. delimiter and textqualifier attributes are available. If tabs are separating or delimiting each value, for example, you can add delimiter= | . To enter a value between the quote marks, you simply press the Tab key in your editor.
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Caution You face a few potential gotchas in working with CSV files in this manner. First, all rows must have the same number of values. You can t have a row that contains an extra column of data; nor can you attempt to represent a NULL value by leaving an empty string between the delimiters (displaying two commas in a row). Furthermore, no space can come after the delimiter (the comma). Any of these problems cause ColdFusion to complain with a message that may be misleading: Incorrect number of columns in row.
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Before closing this discussion concerning reading a flat tabular file as a query result set, you have one more useful application of this technique to consider. In the preceding example, the file that you were reading was simply a static text file. It could just as well be a dynamic page served by ColdFusion or some other server in that CSV or other tabular format. The CFHTTP process doesn t really care whether the file is generated by a server or is a static file. The point is, don t feel that if you want to make a page available for this sort of remote processing by a CFHTTP retrieving it, you have to create a static file. You can simply serve up the dynamic, perhaps database-generated content, in a tabular format. You need to be aware of just a couple tricks in order to make that happen. If the .cfm page would generate ColdFusion debugging output, that output causes the CFHTTP conversion to a query to fail. It expects nothing but tabular (CSV, or whatever format you ve described) data, and the debugging info isn t tabular. The solution is to add <cfsetting showdebugoutput= no > to the top of the page which is generating the tabular output (not the page doing the CFHTTP). This will stop it sending the debugging output. You may also find that you need to add a <cfcontent type= text/plain > to that page creating the tabular output, to make sure that the Web server creates the file as a text MIME type. This may not prove necessary, but forewarned is forearmed. Finally, in concluding this chapter, we should mention that you may want to connect to still one other sort of other server. We ve shown you in this chapter how to connect to mail, FTP, and Web servers, but we don t have room to cover the topic of connecting to LDAP servers. If you are interested in connecting to such servers, you should investigate the CFLDAP tag that we discuss in chapter 62. You also find coverage of how to use this tag in the ColdFusion documentation.
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We ve seen that there are several ways to interact with remote servers. First, CFMAIL processing allows us to send mail from within a ColdFusion application. We also learned about several variations on CFMAIL processing, including varying just the to, from, or subject fields, or the message body itself, or creating multiple emails from a query result set. We also learned that we can refer to a query result within the body of a mail message. It may seem a little odd to consider CFMAIL in a chapter that also covers CFFTP and CFHTTP, but technically the CFMAIL does cause transmission of a file to a remote server.
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CFFTP processing is useful when you need to either send files to a remote server or retrieve them from one. It s suitable when you have appropriate FTP access to that remote server. We learned that there is a caching version of CFFTP processing, which is useful when we are per-
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