Part V Integrating ColdFusion MX with Other Technologies in Java

Produce qr bidimensional barcode in Java Part V Integrating ColdFusion MX with Other Technologies
Part V Integrating ColdFusion MX with Other Technologies
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Say, for example, that the page http://ourdomain/somedir/ presents a form, with an action of, that offers the following input fields:
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<input type= text name= Search1 > <input type= hidden name= DB value= SomeDB > <input type= submit name= Search value= Find It >
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What the preceding code means is that, although the user types his search value into a single form field named Search1 , there is a hidden field named db with a value of somedb that the user doesn t see and also a Submit button that has both an internal name ( Search ) and a value ( Find it ) that appears on the Submit button. All these form fields are important to inventory, because you need to pass each of these to the action page if you re going to simulate the form submission. The action page may look for each of these to be present. Passing in only the text and hidden fields may not be enough for the action page to process the form correctly. If a page has textarea or select controls, you d need to account for these, too. Assuming the form fields in the preceding example, you can now construct a CFHTTP to request this page. You want to run the form s action page (not the form page), and you need to turn that into a complete URL. You also want to provide a CFHTTPPARAM tag for each of the three input fields. In this simple example, assume that you want to pass the value some data as input for the Search1 field, as follows:
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<cfhttp url= http://ourdomain/somedir/ method= Post > <cfhttpparam type= FormField name= search1 value= Some data > <cfhttpparam type= FormField name= db value= SomeDB > <cfhttpparam type= FormField name= search value= Find it > </cfhttp>
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This is really cool stuff. If you run this page, the CFHTTP proceeds to execute the search result page, presenting the necessary form fields that it would have presented if it were called from Now the cfhttp.filecontent variable holds the output of the search result page, and again, you can do anything that you want with it, including parsing it, writing it to a file, and so on. Even just passing it for display to the user may not be too trivial a response: You may save the user from needing to fill in the form when all he really wants is the output. But you re not finished. There could be other challenges in how the form action page processes its form data that could break your attempt to CFHTTP to it. The designers of the action page that you re calling may have written it so that it can be called only from the form page itself. Typically, they may be looking for the CGI variable http_referer to be equal to the URL of the form page on their own server. But when using CFHTTP, the value of that variable will instead reflect the URL of the server doing the CFHTTP your server. To solve this problem and indeed any problem where a CGI variable needs to be spoofed or mimicked to process a form s action page you can use another form of CFHTTPPARAM with a type= cgi to pass the needed CGI variable.
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Caution Beware, however, that the ColdFusion variable cgi.http_referer is actually a renaming of the underlying HTTP header variable,called simply as referrer, which is passed to the page. (The typo in referer is an error in the HTTP specification.) Therefore, if you re going to override that value, you need to use the actual HTTP header name rather than the representation ColdFusion creates. The values are listed at HTTP/HTRQ_Headers.html.
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