Communicating via Mail, FTP, and HTTP in Java

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31 Communicating via Mail, FTP, and HTTP
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at least using CFINCLUDE to include your own navigational headers or other page elements that you always show on your pages. Or you could store it in a database. Really you can now do anything that you want with the table. Some may wonder why we use those intermediate variables to hold the values in parsing that string. Doing so just makes debugging easier and looks a little cleaner than using one long set of embedded functions. Printing out the string (or variable values) along the way is also useful to make sure that you re on the right track. Using the <cfdump var= #variables# > tag, which displays the values of all local variables defined at that point, is also handy.
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New Feature The ability to view the Variables scope with CFDUMP is new in CFMX. . See 48 for more information on CFDUMP.
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Some other points about CFHTTP
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The CFHTTP tag has more attributes than just the url attribute we ve seen so far. Some are quite interesting. The CFHTTP operation that we describe in the preceding section stores its HTML result in a variable called cfhttp.filecontent. But what if your goal in using the CFHTTP is simply to save the HTML to a file Maybe you want to create an archive of some page. Although you can use CFFILE to write out the content of that variable, another way is much easier. If you specify a PATH attribute in the CFHTTP, it doesn t create the variable. Instead, it writes the file (using the filename as specified in the URL) to the specified directory on your server. If you want to specify a name, you also have an available NAME attribute. You also get some new features for CFHTTP in CF MX. One of them, firstrowasheaders, we discuss in the section Reading a flat tabular file as a query result set, later in this chapter. Another is the charset attribute, which is useful for supporting alternative-language character sets. Still another involves ColdFusion s use of the Sun JSSE library, which enables 128-bit encryption for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Still other attributes are explained in the following section on troubleshooting.
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Troubleshooting and understanding CFHTTP
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As we mention in the section above, Grabbing Someone Else s Web Page , one of the most common mistakes used by beginning or infrequent users of CFHTTP is the failure to specify a complete path for the URL. (People are just so used to using only the file name in all sorts of other tags such as CFLOCATION or even <form action> and <a href>.) It s just something that you must remember. But sometimes you get an error from CFHTTP such as Connection failure. You may be stumped as to how to proceed. Actually, you may get a connection failure during a CFHTTP for at least two reasons. The first is that a CF page that you re requesting contains a compilation or runtime error. As of CF 5 (and CFMX), if a ColdFusion page contains an error, ColdFusion generates not only the HTML error page that you re used to seeing (see 21 for more information), but it also now generates a 500 response status code. That causes this connection failure . We talk about handling status codes later in this section, but for now, know that if you try to use CFHTTP get the content of a ColdFusion page that itself contains an error, you will get this Connection failure message. Try running the page in a regular browser to see whether any CF error messages are displayed. If so, correct them and then try the CFHTTP again.
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