Communicating via Mail, FTP, and HTTP in Java

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31 Communicating via Mail, FTP, and HTTP
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Of course, this same capability can also be used to grab a Web page created by some third party, such as getting the stock reports from or the weather from Be careful: Copyright issues likely preclude your doing this legally, although it may be possible technically.
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Assume that, at the page http://ourdomain/somedir/, is a report that you want to see. In this case, I m referring to a page on our own site (ourdomain) but it could just as easily be on some other company s web site. You don t know what sort of application server serves up .xyz pages, but that really doesn t matter. Just as the output of a CF page is in HTML, in this case so, too, is the output of this .xyz page simply HTML. In fact, Figure 31-1 shows the output of that page.
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Figure 31-1: A report from another Web application server that we want to grab. Again, you want to get just the actual report and not the navigational toolbar, the title or any other info that may appear on the page. And you don t just want to send users to this page. Not only may they be confused by the navigational links that don t apply to them, but the quality of the design certainly would clash with the efforts of your talented design team! So you want to grab just a portion of the page. Indeed, you want to pull that page into ColdFusion so that you can decide what to do with it. That s what CFHTTP does if you use the following tag for that example:
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<cfhttp template= http://ourdomain/somedir/ >
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Other attributes are possible (including the default method= get ), but this works for a basic page grab. Many developers, as they run this code for the first time, are surprised that their template creates no output (assuming that this tag is the only one in the template). The CFHTTP command doesn t create any output. Instead, it takes the HTML of the page that
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Part V Integrating ColdFusion MX with Other Technologies
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you ve pointed it to and holds it in memory for you in the variable cfhttp.filecontent. You get to decide what to do with that variable. You could, for testing purposes, just turn around and output it, as in the following code:
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What s important to remember is that what s in this variable is just the same HTML that users see if they open the URL (of the page you grabbed) in their own browsers. Indeed, you can accurately say that CFHTTP is acting as a browser for the user. But instead of always showing the output of the requested page, you get to decide what to do with the results in the cfhttp.filecontent. We show some alternative things to do with that content in the next section. For now, demonstrating for yourself how this works may help to reinforce the point. Create a template containing a CFHTTP that points to any Web page that you want and then display its results by using the CFOUTPUT in the preceding example. It can be an .htm file, a .cfm file, a .asp file. It can also be any page on the Internet. CFHTTP doesn t care. All it sees is the output of that page. Just be aware that the value that you provide in the URL attribute must be a complete URL. Even if the page that you want to view is on the same server and in the same directory, this CFHTTP tag is not like CFLOCATION, where you can name just the file. You must always specify the complete path.
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Note You may run into some other potential gotchas if you try to view a page by using CFHTTP. See the section, Troubleshooting and understanding CFHTTP, later in this chapter, for more information.
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