Connecting to Other Web Servers by Using CFHTTP in Java

Implement QR in Java Connecting to Other Web Servers by Using CFHTTP
Connecting to Other Web Servers by Using CFHTTP
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Have you ever needed (or wished that you could have) content that someone else has put on a Web site Perhaps a partner company offers their product list on their site, and you wish to show those products for sale from within your site. Or have you needed to find a way to programmatically submit a form to someone s site without actually filling out the form and submitting it For instance, maybe you want to keep an eye on a page listing jobs in your area without having to fill out the form selecting location, job type, and salary range every time you visit it.
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Part V Integrating ColdFusion MX with Other Technologies
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Or perhaps you want to test calling a page on your own site in an automated fashion (without needing to actually browse the page) and you need to simulate a browser passing some particular header ( user-agent or accept-encoding ) or other values for what ColdFusion calls CGI variables. All these operations become possible if you use ColdFusion s CFHTTP tag. In technical terms, it enables you to perform a get or post operation against any Web page, with an optional CFHTTPPARAM tag to enable specification of data to pass to a page.
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Caution Of course, like so many powerful tools, while there are legitimate uses of CFHTTP, you need to be careful not to violate copyright agreements or site usage policies in either retrieving or submitting information this way.
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Still another, often untapped, capability of CFHTTP is that it not only can get Web pages, but if the page that you re getting is in a flat text file in a tabular format (such as a commaseparated value or a CSV file), the result of the CFHTTP operation can be treated as a query result set. Very nifty! It s an interesting alternative to using CFFILE to read the file into a single variable, as is discussed in 32. We discuss each of these approaches of using CFHTTP in the following sections.
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Note The processes described here for requesting and processing the output of another Web page may seem a primitive means of transferring data from one server to another. Especially compared to approaches such as Web Services and WDDX, which we cover in 25 and 30, respectively. These are far more effective ways to achieve similar results if the provider of the page chooses to present his data in such a machine-readable manner. But in working with a more traditional Web page or one that s not in your control, CFHTTP is a very handy alternative. Webform qr code iso/iec18004 integratedwith .net
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Grabbing someone else s Web page
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The most common use of CFHTTP is to grab the output of some other Web page and make it available within your template as a variable that you can then manipulate. In effect, ColdFusion acts as a browser, but rather than showing the result on-screen, the result is held in memory in a variable. What you choose to do with that variable is up to you. You can display it to the user (although then you re just acting as a needless middleman), or you could parse the variable (by using ColdFusion s many string-manipulation functions) and pull out just the part of the page that you re interested in. You may even just want to store the output to a file, perhaps for archival purposes. (We show a solution for that in the section, Some other points about CFHTTP, later in this chapter.) Say a co-worker has put up a report on the intranet that holds some data that you want to use. Maybe his report has several things in it, but you re interested only in this one portion of the report. Furthermore, the Web page on which the report appears is generated from something other than ColdFusion and perhaps comes from a database that you can t access. The output of the page is what you want your users to see. But you don t want to just forward your users to that page, because it may have extraneous information that you don t need. You want to grab only that part of the Web page and show it to your users. How do you do it That s just what CFHTTP was designed for.
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