Connecting one time for file/directory operations in Java

Implementation QR-Code in Java Connecting one time for file/directory operations
Connecting one time for file/directory operations
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If you re just performing a single operation to copy a file to or from a remote server and your ColdFusion server or perhaps to delete or rename a file on a remote server, the operation is rather straightforward. You simply need to specify the connection information and describe the operation to be performed. The connection information includes such obvious things as the domain name/IP address of the server to which you re connecting and the username and password to use to log in. These are specified in the CFFTP s server, username, and password attributes, respectively. You can perform several possible operations. See the 60 for more information on the available options for the action attribute. But for now, consider a simpler operation to copy a file from a remote server to the server that s running the template performing the CFFTP operation. An example may be as follows:
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<cfftp action= getfile server= username= yourid password= yourpw remotefile= /remotepath/remotefilename localfile= /localpath/localfilename >
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This code copies the remotefilename from the remotepath into the local server to be stored as localfilename in the localpath.
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Caution If you provide just a file name and no path (or a relative path) in the localfile attribute for an action= getfile , the file may not end up getting placed in the directory where the template was executed, as you may expect. Instead, in our testing, it ended up in the \CfusionMX\runtime\bin directory! A relative path would become relative to that. So make sure that you specify a complete path for the localfile. To specify the current directory, you could use localfile= #getdirectoryfrompath(getcurrenttemplatepath())#/yourfilename .
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If the file specified in localfile already exists, the FTP get operation fails. You can force it to overwrite the file by adding failexists= no . You can perform several other file operations (values for the action attribute) this way, including putfile, rename, remove, and existsfile. And don t forget several directory operations as well, including createdir, listdir, removedir, and existsdir. (A few other directory operations, such as changedir and getcurrentdir, you are most likely to perform as part of a series of multiple operations, as we discuss in the following section.) Each of these variations may call for use of additional attributes. See 60 on CFFTP for more information.
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Here s an example that s requesting a list of the files and directories in a given remote directory:
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<cfftp action= listdir server= username= yourid password= yourpw directory= /remotepath/remotefilename name= GetResult > <cfdump var= #GetResult# >
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The resulting variable named in the name attribute (GetResult) is available to you as a query result set. You can use CFOUTPUT query to loop over it or CFLOOP collection. This example simply shows the use of CFDUMP, and its built-in formatting of output lists all the files and/or directories in the given remote directory. You can specify just a directory path in the directory attribute. You can also name a file or even a file pattern, such as /remotepath/*.cfm, which would list only .cfm files. Finally, know that the results of any CFFTP operation are reflected in a set of variables of scope CFFTP. An example is cfftp.returnvalue. Others are errorcode, errortext, and succeeded. You can easily see them all by using <cfdump var= #CFFTP# > after the CFFTP operation.
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Using cached connections for multiple operations
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Some FTP processing may require that you perform multiple operations (perhaps to get a list of files or directories or change directories on the remote server and then get or put several different files). This would require specifying multiple CFFTP tags, each performing the desired action. Although you could use the approach in the previous section and simply repeat the complete
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