Integrating ColdFusion MX with XML and WDDX in Java

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Integrating ColdFusion MX with XML and WDDX
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ML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a hot topic in the Internet world. ColdFusion has historically lagged behind other languages in its support for XML, however, because before ColdFusion MX, the only way to use XML with ColdFusion was to integrate a third-party package such as Microsoft s COM-based parser. Because ColdFusion didn t have any native XML-handling capabilities, finding a purely XML-based application using ColdFusion was rare. With the release of ColdFusion MX, the situation has reversed itself. The XML capabilities of MX are some of the easiest to use of any Webprogramming language, enabling your development team to get XMLbased applications developed quickly without a high learning curve. This chapter covers the following five topics: How to use WDDX with ColdFusion and JavaScript Basic XML concepts Using XML objects within ColdFusion Using XPath to search XML objects Using XSL stylesheets to transform XML into HTML Don t worry if some of these topics sound foreign to you. Everything should make sense by the time that you finish this chapter and then you should be ready to start building XML-based solutions by using ColdFusion.
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In This
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Using WDDX
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Exploring basic XML concepts Using XML objects in ColdFusion Understanding XPath Building XSL transformations
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Web Distributed Data Exchange (WDDX)
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If you ve been working in ColdFusion very long, you ve probably heard about WDDX, or Web Distributed Data eXchange. WDDX came about because ColdFusion needed a way to express complex variables such as structures and arrays in a way that any server or Webapplication language could understand.
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Part V Integrating ColdFusion MX with Other Technologies
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This chapter assumes that you are already familiar with arrays and structures, which are explained in s 14 and 15. If you are not already familiar with these concepts, please read s 14 and 15 before getting into this chapter.
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To explain what we mean, you can use the following example of an array of employees. We created this array in ColdFusion by executing the following code:
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<cfset <cfset <cfset <cfset <cfset <cfset <cfset <cfset <cfset <cfset arEmployees = ArrayNew(1)> arEmployees[1] = StructNew()> arEmployees[1].SSN = 123-45-6789 > arEmployees[1].Name = David Churvis > arEmployees[2] = StructNew()> arEmployees[2].SSN = 312-54-9678 > arEmployees[2].Name = Adam Churvis > arEmployees[3] = StructNew()> arEmployees[3].SSN = 231-45-8967 > arEmployees[3].Name = Lisa Churvis >
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To view this in a browser, you can use the CFDUMP tag to produce the output in Figure 30-1. Figure 30-1: An array of employees as viewed through CFDUMP.
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Now comes the problem. Instead of communicating with the user though CFDUMP and his Web browser, suppose that you want to communicate this array of employees to a different system across the Internet, such as another ColdFusion server or even an ASP or PHP server.
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CFDUMP creates a string of HTML, but unfortunately, that doesn t serve your needs here. CFDUMP creates DHTML code that communicates a picture of the array to a user, but another Web server couldn t make heads or tails of the HTML produced by CFDUMP, because it is a graphical picture of an object rather than the object itself.
That s where WDDX comes in. Listing 30-1 shows this array of employees as expressed in WDDX.
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30 Integrating ColdFusion MX with XML and WDDX
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Listing 30-1: A WDDX packet
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< xml version= 1.0 > <wddxPacket version= 1.0 > <header/> <data> <array length= 3 > <struct> <var name= SSN > <string>123-45-6789</string> </var> <var name= NAME > <string>David Churvis</string> </var> </struct> <struct> <var name= SSN > <string>312-54-9678</string> </var> <var name= NAME > <string>Adam Churvis</string> </var> </struct> <struct> <var name= SSN > <string>231-45-8967</string> </var> <var name= NAME > <string>Lisa Churvis</string> </var> </struct> </array> </data> </wddxPacket>
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Now to analyze this packet. WDDX formally describes the structure and contents of the array by using a markup language similar to HTML. In fact, if you ve ever output CFQUERY results in an HTML table, this example may look a little like deja vu. The entire packet is surrounded by a <wddxPacket> element, which is always the root element of a WDDX packet. The <header> element does nothing right now but is required by a WDDX parser. Then comes the <data> element, which contains the real meat of the packet.
<array> describes the container for three array elements, each described by a <struct> tag, and each <struct> contains two <var> tags describing the keys of the structure. Finally, inside each <var> is a <string> tag describing the data type and value of the key in the