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One concern in setting the value of a property is the value s type, because ColdFusion is not a type-safe language, and COM is. (When a language is type-safe, it means that variables are of a specific type, and all function calls and property assignments check the types of the incoming values.) To avoid any problems moving between the two, always do the following: If setting a numeric property, use Val() around the argument. If setting a date or date/time property, use one of the native ColdFusion functions that returns a date object, such as CreateDate() or CreateODBCDateTime(). Trimming any value that you re putting in a string property is usually a good idea as well.
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29 Integrating COM
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If a property is a read-only property, ColdFusion throws an error if you attempt to set it. Usually, a COM object s documentation tells you whether a property is read-only, and you see how to find out for yourself in the section Interpreting method and property definitions, later in this chapter. So far in this chapter, you ve seen how to get and set simple strings, numbers, and dates. A property, however, isn t limited to a simple value. Remember how, in Listing 29-2, you create a reference to TidyCOM s Options object Following is a snippet from that code:
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<cfscript> objTidy = CreateObject( COM , TidyCOM.TidyObject ); objOpts = objTidy.Options; objOpts.OutputXhtml = True; </cfscript> objTidy is the original COM object that you created. objOpts, on the other hand, is a reference to the Options object inside of objTidy, meaning that modifying a property of objOpts is the same as modifying a property of objTidy.Options. Essentially, objOpts and objTidy.Options are exactly the same thing, so modifying one always affects the other. Note You may be wondering why we didn t just use the following: objTidy.Options.OutputXhtml = True; ColdFusion doesn t support accessing object properties more than one level deep at a time, so we must use these intermediate reference objects.
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Calling an Object s Methods
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Whereas properties store data in a COM object, methods perform a task on an object and possibly return some value. Calling the validate()method of an XML Document object, for example, validates the document, as follows:
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objError = objXMLDoc.validate();
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As you do properties, you access a method by using dot notation. The validate() method that we re using here returns an error object that you can use to determine whether the operation was successful. The following line shows a method call that takes an argument:
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success = objXMLDoc.load( c:\hamlet.xml );
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You can see that, just as does a typical function, the method can take an argument and return a value; the only difference is the COM object name that appears in front of the method. Some methods don t return a value; these methods, as shown in the following example, are known as void methods:
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objXMLDoc.save( c:\hamlet-copy.xml );
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In reality, however, you can use any method as a void method simply by ignoring the return value; for example, the call to load() earlier could have been written as follows:
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objXMLDoc.load( c:\hamlet.xml );
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The caveats about passing parameters to methods are the same as the caveats for setting the values of parameters we listed in the previous section that is, always use Val() or a date function, always trim string arguments, and so on.
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Part V Integrating ColdFusion MX with Other Technologies
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Advanced COM Concepts
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The following section introduces OLEView, a utility that enables you to view the COM classes available on your system. Before we do that, however, we need to give you a tour of COM and the different players involved so that you can understand the terminology that OLEView uses. For the purposes of this section, we are going to use the TidyCOM library from Listing 29-2 as an example. To obtain TidyCOM, go to http://perso.wanadoo.fr/ablavier/TidyCOM/, download it, and follow the installation instructions. To find out more about HTML Tidy, go to http://tidy.sourceforge.net/. Figure 29-2 shows COM s organizational model.
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