Interactions Between CFML and JSPs/Servlets in Java

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Interactions Between CFML and JSPs/Servlets
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Besides the capability to create and run JSPs and Servlets, you may find that certain interactions between CFML and your JSPs and Servlets are also desirable. These programs can interact on a few levels. You can, for example, transfer control between one and another, include the output of one within another, and even share session, request, and/or application scope variables between them. Part of that functionality is enabled by way of a new CFML function, GetPageContext(). This function exposes to CF developers the underlying PageContext object. This object exists when running any JSP page or Servlet. Since, technically, a CF template is converted to a servlet under the covers, the PageContext object is indeed available in CF MX templates. (You can access any Java library object if you know its published API.) The new function simply makes using the object s available properties and methods, including its available include and forward methods, easier. Time and space don t permit a thorough discussion of this topic in this book, but fortunately, the CF MX documentation does cover the topic of interacting between CF and JSP/servlet templates.
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Part V Integrating ColdFusion MX with Other Technologies
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Calling Java CFX Custom Tags
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All the examples of Java integration in the preceding sections are components that you may reasonably find already existing and accessible from any Java Web-application environment. The focus was on how to make those readily accessible within the ColdFusion MX environment. One final topic is quite specific to working with ColdFusion. Indeed, in releases 4.5 and 5, it was one of the primary ways that you may integrate ColdFusion and Java. Java CFX custom tags are similar to ColdFusion CFML custom tags in terms of how you use them but they re written in Java. Someone in your organization may already be (or may become interested in) writing Java CFX custom tags to perform some task that s not possible in CFML or to improve the performance of a repetitive task. CFX custom tags differ from other means of working with Java objects in that they can use and manipulate ColdFusion query objects, generate HTML, set variables on the page from which they re called, and more. Of course, the new JSP and servlet integration possibilities can achieve nearly similar results and are far more standard. CFX custom tags are merely the oldest form of Java integration, so you may find existing CFX custom tags that you may want to use.
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Note The term CFX is not related to CFMX at all. CFXs have existed for several releases of ColdFusion, and the X refers instead to the fact that these are extensions to the CF language. You can write them in C++ and Java. In previous versions of ColdFusion, too, you needed to configure the ColdFusion Administrator to point to an available JVM installed on your server before you could use the techniques described in this and the following section. In CF MX, however, this step is handled automatically on installation. And you no longer need to configure an entry in the Administrator for the location of the cfx jar file. That value is automatically known to CF MX.
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Again, our focus in this chapter is on how to use existing Java components rather than how to create such components, so we discuss how to call them within your code to effect a certain result.
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Example Java CFX tags included in CF MX
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Fortunately, you don t need to know how to create or compile Java CFX custom tags to work with them. A few examples come built into ColdFusion MX. In Windows systems, look in the directory cfx\java\distrib\examples, where ColdFusion MX is installed on your server. In Unix systems, look in cfx/java/examples. You have five examples, as well as an examples.html file that briefly explains them and provides links so that you can easily view them. You work with the first and simplest, HelloColdFusion, in the following sections. It s a trivial example, but it demonstrates how Java CFX custom tags work.
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