Part IV ColdFusion MX Components, Web Services, and Flash Integration in Java

Print QR in Java Part IV ColdFusion MX Components, Web Services, and Flash Integration
Part IV ColdFusion MX Components, Web Services, and Flash Integration
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The getCompany() ActionScript function, which is called whenever the user chooses a different company in the Choose Company combo box, simply calls the GetCompany() ColdFusion component function in companyService, which is an instance of the Company ColdFusion component defined in the Flash Remoting Gateway. The argument to the GetCompany() ColdFusion function is the data value of the selected item in the companyToShow_cb (Choose Company) combo box. We are using named argument syntax here, where the name of the argument is followed by a colon and then by the value of the argument. The callback function for getCompany() getCompany_Result() receives the returned RecordSet object containing a single record and internally refers to it as companyRecord. By using familiar dot notation, getCompany_Result() sets the values of the form fields in the Flash movie to those returned in the companyRecord object. Notice that you are setting the .text attribute of the object only, and not the entire object itself. In a similar vein, updateCompany also uses named argument notation (our favorite method for clarity of code) to send the text attributes of the entry fields and the data attribute of the combo box (the currently selected companyID) to the UpdateCompany() ColdFusion function of the Company component. The callback function simply recalls listCompanies() to update the combo box s contents:
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function updateCompany() { companyService.updateCompany({ CompanyID:companyToShow_cb.getSelectedItem().data, CompanyName:companyName_txt.text, Address:address_txt.text, City:city_txt.text, State:state_txt.text, ZipCode:zipCode_txt.text }); } function updateCompany_Result() { companyService.listCompanies(); } function updateCompany_Status() { status_txt.text = An error occurred. ; }
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Here you see something new. Another automatic callback function is called if the original calling function throws an error. This error callback is named by appending _Status to the name of the original calling function. Everything up to this point has either been establishing a connection, instantiating an object, or declaring functions that have yet to be called. But now you actually execute some code by calling the listCompanies() function of the companyServices instance of the Company ColdFusion component and then stopping the playhead by using the stop() action, which tells the Flash movie to stop playing. If this Flash movie contained multiple frames as most of your production Flash movies will and you don t tell the playhead to stop, it would keep running the entire time that your Flash movie was open:
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companyService.listCompanies(); stop();
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Choose File Save from the Flash menu bar, and you re done. Now to test your new baby!
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Testing the application
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Choose Control Test Movie from the menu bar and see what happens. Most likely, you find that you have a coding typo somewhere or maybe forgot to enter an instance name for one or more of your form objects, or did or forgot something else that prevents your Flash Remoting application from working. Don t worry the NetConnection Debugger comes to your rescue! Finally, a truly useful (and cool) debugger! To use it, just choose Window NetConnection Debugger from the menu bar and then Control Test Movie from the Flash menu bar, and reposition and resize the debugger window so that you don t obscure your view of the underlying Flash Remoting application that you re debugging. If you see an error in the debugger right away, select it in the left list box and inspect its details on the right. Correct the problem and then try again. You may need to choose Window NetConnection Debugger again before testing the movie. After you have all your initial errors debugged, your Flash Remoting application is ready to be put through the ringer. To test the error callback function, enter a very long value into the zip code field and then click the Update Company button. You should see a red error message in the status message box that you create in the section Create the status message box, earlier in this chapter. By the way, you can restrict the number of characters that the user can enter into an input field through the Maximum Characters attribute in the input field s Properties palette. See how everything works together Are you getting a feel for the system in general. Good! Now to go further into the details and also learn what not to do.
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