How Flash Remoting Works in Java

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How Flash Remoting Works
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The best way for us to describe how Flash Remoting applications work is to have you read a comprehensive diagram that we built that shows each step in the process, along with a little of the code involved. Figure 26-1 gives you the big picture of Flash Remoting.
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Model Layer ColdFusion Components
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4 (Company.cfc).GetCompany()
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performs request
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<cffunction name="GetCompany" returntype="query" access="remote"> <cfargument name="CompanyID" type="numeric" required="yes"> <cfquery name="compRec" ...> ...</cfquery> <cfreturn compRec> </cffunction> Website denso qr bar code developmentin .net
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Controller Layer Flash Remoting Gateway
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3 Gateway routes
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request with company ID to . . . (Company.cfc).GetCompany() response with compRec to . . .
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5 Gateway routes
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View Layer Flash Movie
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2 ActionScript getCompany() calls
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GetCompany(companyID) in gateway
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This is one view element...
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Figure 26-1: The big picture of how Flash Remoting works.
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1 User chooses company, which
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ABC Company, Inc. ABC Company, Inc. 1234 Main Street Atlanta GA 30303 triggers change handler function getCompany() function GetCompany_Result(companyRecord) { Company Name: Address: City: State: Zip Code: companyName_txt.text = companyRecord.items[0].CompanyName; address_txt.text = companyRecord.items[0].Address; city_txt.text = companyRecord.items[0].City; state_txt.text = companyRecord.items[0].State; zipCode_txt.text = companyRecord.items[0].ZipCode; Choose Company:
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...and this is a second view element.
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Part IV ColdFusion MX Components, Web Services, and Flash Integration
The following list breaks down the details, step by numbered step:
6 Flash movie's GetCompany_Result() ActionScript
function populates movie fields from returned record, which is received as an object named companyRecord
1. As the user chooses a different company from the Company combo box, his action triggers the combo box s change handler, which is the ActionScript function getCompany().
2. The ActionScript function getCompany(), in turn, calls the GetCompany() function in the Flash Remoting Gateway, passing the companyID of the company currently selected in the combo box. This function is really just an interface into the real function that exists in the ColdFusion component.
26 Flash Remoting Services
Although it is not shown in Figure 26-1 for clarity s sake, as soon as the Flash movie is displayed in the user s browser, the movie initializes a connection with the Flash Remoting Gateway; then it creates an instance of the Company.cfc ColdFusion component. This instance gives the Flash Remoting Gateway access to the functions declared in the Company component, and it is from this instance that all outside function requests are made. 3. The Flash Remoting Gateway performs all necessary conversions from ActionScript data types to ColdFusion data types and then forwards the request, along with its converted arguments, to the ColdFusion component s GetCompany() function. 4. The ColdFusion component s GetCompany() function performs the request and then returns a query object named compRec back to the Flash Remoting Gateway. 5. The gateway again performs all necessary conversions from ColdFusion data types to ActionScript data types in this case, from a ColdFusion query object to an ActionScript RecordSet object before routing the resulting data returned from the function to an ActionScript function named GetCompany_Result() inside the Flash movie. This is called a callback function. Herein lies the reason why all Flash Remoting applications are true MVC (Model-ViewController) architecture, as the Controller layer makes a final call back to the View layer after the Model layer has finished its request. A Flash movie screen may consist of multiple View elements; in this case, the combo box is one View element making a function call, and the collection of input fields is another View element receiving the callback function. The Controller (Flash Remoting Gateway) finds its callback function by looking for an ActionScript function with _Result appended to the name of the function making the original request. 6. The converted compRec RecordSet object is passed as the argument to the GetCompany_Result() callback function, where it is received as an object named companyRecord and is referred to by this name within the GetCompany_Result() function, which has the task of setting the values of the Flash movie fields to the values contained in the companyRecord RecordSet object. And there you have it! All in all, the entire process is very straightforward, but you need to build a simple example and discuss some more details before you start deploying Flash Remoting applications in production.
What you need to install for this chapter
ColdFusion MX Server has the Flash Remoting Gateway already installed for you, but you also need to install the following: The Flash MX authoring tool A copy of the Flash Remoting Components You can get both a free 30-day trial copy of Flash MX and a free full version of the Flash Remoting Components from After you have these installed, you can start building.