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<cfproperty name= companyID type= numeric hint= The foreign key of the employee s employer (company). required= Yes > <cfproperty name= companyName type= string hint= The name of the employee s employer (company). required= Yes > <cfproperty name= firstname type= string
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Part IV ColdFusion MX Components, Web Services, and Flash Integration
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Listing 23-20 (continued)
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hint= The employee s first name. required= Yes > <cfproperty name= lastname type= string hint= The employee s last name. required= Yes > <cfproperty name= salary type= numeric hint= The annual amount earned by the employee. required= Yes > <cfproperty name= dateOfBirth type= date hint= The employee s birthday. required= Yes > <cfproperty name= isNewEmployee type= date hint= True when a new employee is being created; False when an existing employee is being edited. required= Yes > <cfproperty name= fictionalOptionalProperty type= numeric hint= This fictional property was included only so I could have an example of an optional property that has a default value declared for it. required= No default= 0 > <!--- Initialization Area ---> <cfscript> This.lockName = CreateUUID(); InitEmployee(); </cfscript> <!--- InitEmployee() [class method] ---> <cffunction name= InitEmployee access= public returntype= void output= No displayname= Initialize Employee hint= Called during instantiation without the optional SSN argument to initialize empty and zeroed properties. Called with SSN to intialize from values in the database. >
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23 Building Your First ColdFusion Components
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<cfargument name= SSN type= string required= no displayname= Social Security Number hint= The key used to retrieve an employee record from the database. > <cfset Var EmployeeInitRec = > <cflock name= #This.lockName# timeout= 10 throwontimeout= Yes type= EXCLUSIVE > <cfscript> if (IsDefined( Arguments.ssn )) { EmployeeInitRec = GetEmployee(Arguments.SSN); This.keySSN = EmployeeInitRec.SSN; This.ssn = EmployeeInitRec.SSN; This.companyID = EmployeeInitRec.CompanyID; This.companyName = EmployeeInitRec.CompanyName; This.firstname = EmployeeInitRec.Firstname; This.lastname = EmployeeInitRec.Lastname; This.salary = EmployeeInitRec.Salary; This.dateOfBirth = EmployeeInitRec.DateOfBirth; This.isNewEmployee = FALSE; } else { This.keySSN = ; This.ssn = ; This.companyID = 0; This.companyName = ; This.firstname = ; This.lastname = ; This.salary = 0; This.dateOfBirth = 12/30/1899 ; This.isNewEmployee = TRUE; } </cfscript> </cflock> <cfreturn> </cffunction> </cfcomponent>
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That s a lot of lines of code just for the purpose of documentation, but take a look at what it gets you! Figure 23-13 shows the rich information that you publish if you document everything in your components.
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Part IV ColdFusion MX Components, Web Services, and Flash Integration
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Figure 23-13: Exploring a well-documented component. Now imagine how easy consuming a component would be if the whole thing were documented like the one shown in Listing 23-20. Sure, you d have hundreds of lines of code on your hands, but you wouldn t need to read through it all that s what the CFC Browser is for. You may notice as you begin to diligently document your components that many documentation-related attributes are missing from both the ColdFusion Language Reference (Part IX) and the tag editors of the tags to which you want to add documentation. Don t worry about these oversights; if you use Listing 23-20 as your guide, your components are sufficiently documented, using all possible attributes.
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Component metadata
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Metadata is data about data that enables you to better understand the data itself. A component s metadata consists of the descriptions of its properties, methods, arguments, and data about the physical component file itself. Although you can always directly CFDUMP an instance of a component to visualize its properties and functions, you can t write software to programmatically inspect and interface with your component through the results of a
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23 Building Your First ColdFusion Components
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CFDUMP. The GetMetaData() function, however, enables you to do just that; it returns a structure of key-value pairs containing all the metadata for a component.
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The code in Listing 23-21, for example, produces a structure containing the metadata.
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Listing 23-21: Producing component metadata
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<cfobject name= myDocumentedCFC component= DocumentedCFC > <cfset cfcMetaData = GetMetaData(myDocumentedCFC)> <cfdump var= #cfcMetaData# >
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A CFDUMP of the Employee component s metadata (not the component itself) is shown in Figure 23-14.
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Figure 23-14: The metadata of the component in Listing 23-21. By using GetMetaData(), you can write an application that iterates through metadata keys, interprets the contents, and programmatically interfaces with and uses the component. Such functionality isn t easy to produce by using standard metadata elements alone; if you want to create such a programmatically derived interface for your components (or the components produced by other members of your team), you probably need more detailed metadata that is specifically implemented for the purpose. That s where custom metadata comes in.
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