Performing data processing/integrity checks in Java

Implement qr-codes in Java Performing data processing/integrity checks
Performing data processing/integrity checks
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You may perform still other forms of validation in your form action page by using CFML. Again, some of these are covered in other chapters and may not be thought of strictly as validation, although to a degree they really are. These include such procedures as the following: Checking a username/password combination on logging in. Validating that the quantity on hand for an order is still available (before processing an order from a form submission). Ensuring that expected URL, Session, or other variables exist on the page before proceeding. Checking any URL or FORM variable values used as input to SQL clauses to ensure that no strings other than those expected are processed. (See the CFQUERYPARAM tag in chapter 52.) Some other validations of form entries may relate more to the relationship between one entry on the form and another. You may, for example, want to validate that the following situations are true: If one check box is selected, another other can t be selected. If one SELECT option is chosen, some other field can t be (or must be) chosen. The section qForms: A Third-Party Solution for Validation, earlier in this chapter, shows that it has features to perform that sort of validation on the client, but you may want to back that processing up on the server in case the browser doesn t support JavaScript. Indeed, this leads to the last reason to consider some sort of hand-coded server-side validation.
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Backing up client-side validation
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For all the power and effectiveness of client-side validation, it can possibly be bypassed. The browser may not support JavaScript, for example, or it may not support the particular JavaScript that you (or ColdFusion) provides. Maybe you don t think that you need to worry about old browsers such as that.
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20 Form Validation
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Something that may surprise many, however, is that some organizations (and individuals) choose to disable JavaScript support in their browsers because of security concerns. If they disable it, whatever nifty validation you ve got on the client (whether hand-coded or automatic) doesn t matter. The validation can t take place. In such a case, the capability to perform server-side validation becomes especially important. Indeed, this suggests very strongly that performing hand-coded server-side validation to back up whatever client-side validation you may be performing is in your interest. Of course, one may argue that the automatic server-side validation that we discuss at the beginning of the chapter, should serve as an adequate backup for that sort of situation. But can you think of why that may still not be enough When may your form s action page be executed without the form being processed at all What if the user bookmarks the action page (or types in its URL) to visit it directly Or what if he uses something such as CFHTTP, which we discuss in 31 and is available on other application servers with similar capabilities Such a user could intentionally try to process your form s action page by sending a real form posting but not really executing your form. In that case, the user could also remove any client-side validation or hidden-field validation that you placed there. In these days of security concerns and hacking, you need to take such issues into consideration. Even if such an effort isn t with the intent to do harm, if the client-side validations that you have in place are intended to prevent database errors because of invalid input. Recall the TEXTAREA maxlength test from the section Testing the length of a TEXTAREA field, earlier in this chapter: If validation wasn t performed on the client (and backed up on the server), the user may experience unexpected database errors.
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In this chapter, we describe two major forms of validation those that take place on the client (in JavaScript) and those that take place on the server (in CFML). We also show you that ColdFusion MX includes mechanisms to automatically handle both forms of validation. The hidden-field capability offers automatic server-side validation (although, of course, the specification is sent to the client but is processed on the server). It enables you to test for certain expected data types and string formats, but the appearance of the error message and the need for the user to press the Back button to correct mistakes (and possibly lose data because of browser caching features) make this type of validation less desirable for all but the simplest forms. Client-side validation, by using JavaScript, offers several advantages. The nice thing about CFFORM and its associated CFINPUT and CFSELECT tags is that they cause CF MX to automatically build JavaScript for you. They also add validations for things such as credit cards, telephone numbers, and zip codes. These last two follow only U.S. formats, however, and have some other limitations, so we explain how the new CF 5 feature of supporting regularexpression patterns in CFINPUT gives you much more freedom and capability (at the cost of learning how to write regular expressions).
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