Writing Custom Tags in Java

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18 Writing Custom Tags
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ThisTag.AssocAttribs is an array in which each element is a structure containing all the attributes of every child tag created by using CFASSOCIATE. Note This is contrary to the ColdFusion Language Reference, which states that ThisTag. AssocAttribs is a structure rather than an array. ThisTag.AssocAttribs is indeed an array and cannot be used as a structure.
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You can name this array a different name if you want by using the DataCollection attribute, as follows:
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<cfassociate basetag= CF_MYTAG datacollection= MySubTags >
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You may want to do this if you have multiple child tags and want to keep each one s data separated as it is passed back to the parent tag. A child called CF_OutputColumn, for example, may store its attributes in an array called ThisTag.Columns, but another child called CF_OutputExpression may store its attributes in an array called ThisTag.Expressions. Listing 18-14 shows how OutputTable.cfm uses ThisTag.AssocAttribs.
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Listing 18-14: OutputTable.cfm
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<cfparam name= Attributes.TableName > <cfif ThisTag.ExecutionMode EQ Start > <!--- I am in Start mode, so the only thing I can do is put out the beginning table tag and the opening table row tag for the header row. I won t know what columns are in use in this example until I enter the End mode. ---> <table> <tr> <cfelse> <!--- I am now in End mode, so I now know all of the columns I ll be selecting and outputting. ---> <!--- The start mode opened the header row with a TR tag, so I have to close it here. ---> </tr> <!--- I dynamically build this query based on the contents of ThisTag.AssocAttribs. ---> <cfquery name= GetData datasource= #Request.MainDSN# > SELECT <cfloop from= 1 to= #ArrayLen(ThisTag.AssocAttribs)# index= i > #ThisTag.AssocAttribs[i].ColumnName# <cfif i LT ArrayLen(ThisTag.AssocAttribs)>,</cfif> </cfloop>
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Part III The ColdFusion MX Language
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Listing 18-14 (continued)
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FROM #Attributes.TableName# </cfquery> <cfoutput query= GetData > <tr> <!--- I output one table cell for each column in this particular row of GetData. You will see how to simplify this later in the chapter. ---> <cfloop from= 1 to= #ArrayLen(ThisTag.AssocAttribs)# index= i > <td> #GetData[ThisTag.AssocAttribs[i].ColumnName][CurrentRow]# </td> </cfloop> </tr> </cfoutput> <!--- I now close the table ---> </table> </cfif>
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Remember that ThisTag.AssocAttribs contains one element for every column in this query. We refer to each tag s ColumnName attribute by referring to each array element s ColumnName member.
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Getting the parent to communicate with its child
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You see in the preceding section how a parent tag accesses its associated child tags data; in this section and the following one, you re going to see how a child tag accesses data from its parent tag. In Listing 18-12, we pass an attribute to CF_OutputTable named HeaderRowColor. We output the header rows, however, inside each call to CF_OutputColumn. Listing 18-15 shows the modifications necessary to OutputColumn.cfm to make use of this parent attribute.
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Listing 18-15: OutputColumn.cfm, using the HeaderRowColor attribute from the parent tag
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<cfparam name= Attributes.ColumnName > <cfparam name= Attributes.Label default= #Attributes.ColumnName# > <cfassociate basetag= CF_OUTPUTTABLE > <cfset ParentData = GetBaseTagData( CF_OUTPUTTABLE )>
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18 Writing Custom Tags
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<cfoutput> <td bgcolor= #ParentData.Attributes.HeaderRowColor# > <b>#Attributes.ColumnName#</b> </td> </cfoutput>
We call GetBaseTagData(), which returns a structure containing all variables defined in the parent tag, including any attributes. Then we reference ParentData.Attributes.HeaderRowColor, which gets the value of Attributes.HeaderRowColor that is passed into the parent tag. And that s really all that using nested tags involves. The process may seem very complicated at first, but after you understand the mechanisms for communicating data between parent and child and between child and parent, you find a world of solutions waiting for you in nested custom tags. Play around with them to get comfortable; this truly is one of the coolest features of ColdFusion.
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The difference between GetBaseTagData() and the Caller scope
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A final note before we sign-off nested custom tags: Figure 18-6 describes the difference between the Caller scope and the structure returned from GetBaseTagData(). These two are often confused in people s minds, but they are very different. You rarely have any reason at all to use the Caller scope in a nested tag.