Part III The ColdFusion MX Language in Java

Encoding QR-Code in Java Part III The ColdFusion MX Language
Part III The ColdFusion MX Language
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The argument names are defined in a list inside the parentheses after the function declaration. You see more advanced uses of arguments in the section Using the Arguments Collection, later in this chapter. The preceding example used positional arguments, meaning that the first argument in the function call was passed to the first argument in the function, the second in the call became the second in the function, and so on. You can also name the arguments in the call if you want to pass them in a different order, as follows:
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<cfoutput> #add2(secondNumber=2,firstNumber=1)# </cfoutput>
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This syntax is not widely used because it is slightly harder to read; it can help you, however, if you don t remember the order of a function s parameters. If any of a function call s arguments are named, however, all the arguments must be named.
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Calling one function from another
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Functions can be called anywhere within a ColdFusion template, even from within another ColdFusion function. Take the following example:
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<cfscript> function myFn(myNum, yourNum) { return myNum * yourNum; } function myOtherFn() { var num1 = RandRange(1,10); var num2 = RandRange(1,10); return myFn(num1, num2); } </cfscript>
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Calling functions recursively
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A function can also call itself. We wrote the following function, for example, to calculate the factorial of a number (a factorial will be defined in a moment):
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<cfscript> function Factorial(myNum) { if(myNum EQ 1) { return 1; } else { return myNum * Factorial(myNum - 1); } } </cfscript> <cfoutput>#Factorial(6)#</cfoutput>
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The factorial of 6, for example, is 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1, or 720. To calculate the factorial, we return the number passed to the function, multiplied by the next smaller factorial (because the 6 factorial can also be represented as 6 x 5 factorial).
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17 Building User-Defined Functions
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You must be careful in creating recursive functions to make sure that you have a stop condition. In our case, we stop the recursion whenever myNum is 1. If you don t build a stop condition into your logic, you put the request into an infinite loop.
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Passing structures to functions
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In 15, we show you that structures are accessed by reference, whereas other variables are referenced by value. The same applies to passing variables to a function. If you pass a number to a function, the function has a local copy of that number, and any modifications that functions makes to the number are not repeated outside the function call. Structures are passed to a function by reference, however, so any modifications that the function makes to the structure parameter can be seen outside the function call.
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Building UDFs by Using CFFUNCTION
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The chief drawback to building UDFs by using CFSCRIPT is that you can t use ColdFusion tags in them. If you need to do a database call while in a CFSCRIPT block, you must exit the CFSCRIPT block and use a ColdFusion tag, so that tag cannot be included in the CFSCRIPT function definition. In MX, you can also define functions by using the CFFUNCTION tag, which does enable you to use virtually any CFML tag in the declaration of a function. Following is the CFML version of GetCurrentTime() from the section UDF structure, earlier in the chapter:
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<cffunction name= GetCurrentTime returntype= string > <cfset var szTime = TimeFormat(Now(), h:mm:ss tt )> <cfreturn szTime> </cffunction>
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The CFFUNCTION version of this UDF is very similar to its CFSCRIPT counterpart: You give the function a name by using CFFUNCTION; you return a value by using CFRETURN; and you handle all the business logic in between.
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The var keyword
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Use of the var keyword in a CFFUNCTION function is identical to its use in a CFSCRIPT function. All local variables must be defined before any function code is executed, and all local variables must be initialized.