Part II Using ColdFusion MX with Databases in Java

Compose QR Code in Java Part II Using ColdFusion MX with Databases
Part II Using ColdFusion MX with Databases
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Leveraging QoQ by using query caching
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QoQ and query caching work together beautifully. Combining the capability to cache a query with the capability to requery that same query can make for a nicely scalable solution, as long as the result set you re requerying isn t extremely large. You may remember from 9 that the CACHEDWITHIN attribute of the CFQUERY tag is what prevents ColdFusion from returning to the database every time that it needs the base query from which QoQ makes its detailed queries. Whenever you build an action page that enables users to requery existing ColdFusion queries, you should cache the base query from which QoQ works or you overburden your database server with a redundant base query each time that the action page is run. This technique works best if the base query results in a relatively small selection of rows from the database tables queried. If you are caching a 10,000-row database query and then querying those 10,000 rows by using QoQ, stop and think whether you would be better off requerying the database each time so that you can take full advantage of all the query optimization features that your database server offers. Better yet, formally load-test both methods and have the metrics decide for you. Although you can use QoQ in many more ways than those described in this chapter, overtaxing such an underpowered feature is most likely not a good idea. If you are in doubt as to whether to use QoQ in a specific part of your application if other querying techniques are available to you, perform a formal load test by using both techniques and pay special attention to the RAM usage meter as the test runs. If 100 virtual users simultaneously slamming QoQ s pegs your RAM usage, while alternative query techniques don t, implementing QoQ in that part of your application is probably asking for trouble. On the other hand, if QoQ is your only possible solution, the only thing that you can do is to try to limit the total amount of data manipulated in a QoQ call, which in turn limits the amount of RAM needed to handle that data.
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Data Binding
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Suppose that you specify dynamic values in your CFQUERY calls as follows:
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<cfquery name= GetSalesOrders datasource= #Request.MainDSN# > SELECT SalesOrderID, SaleDate, TaxRate, TaxAmount, Total FROM SalesOrder WHERE SaleDate >= #AfterDate# AND Total >= #Amount# </cfquery>
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If you do so, you are sending a complete query to your database for parsing and execution. The parser must determine whether the dynamic values from ColdFusion used to feed columns of the database tables and used in the WHERE clause are compatible with data types
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11 More Advanced Database Techniques
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and data-size restrictions (for example, trying to feed 42 characters to a VARCHAR(40) column). If a value is fed to a table column can be directly converted to the data type of that column, the database server performs the conversion before the statement processes. This checking and conversion process takes time and, therefore, potentially slows execution.
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Remember from 10 how CFPROCPARAM formally data-types and -sizes the parameters sent to database stored procedures Well, you can do the same thing with a CFQUERY call by using CFQUERYPARAM to formalize its parameters, as shown in Listing 11-22.
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Listing 11-22: Formally declaring the data types and sizes of CFQUERY parameters by using CFQUERYPARAM
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<cfquery name= GetSalesOrders datasource= #Request.MainDSN# > SELECT SalesOrderID, SaleDate, TaxRate, TaxAmount, Total FROM SalesOrder WHERE SaleDate >= <cfqueryparam value= #AfterDate# cfsqltype= CF_SQL_TIMESTAMP > AND Total >= <cfqueryparam value= #Amount# cfsqltype= CF_SQL_NUMERIC maxlength= 12 scale= 2 > </cfquery>
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Okay, fine but why should you care This technique seems a lot of extra work for nothing, so why not just continue to feed ColdFusion values to CFQUERY calls without using CFQUERYPARAM The answer is hidden behind the scenes.. Whenever ColdFusion sees a CFQUERYPARAM tag nested inside a CFQUERY call, it sends your query to the database server with what are essentially variables in place of the actual values normally supplied by ColdFusion and then follows them with the values of those variables. These bind variables (a.k.a. bind parameters) are strongly data typed and sized to match the corresponding data types and sizes of the database s columns. So the entire data-type and size checking process and the entire data-type conversion process can be completely circumvented, and this circumvention speeds query execution. Bind parameters also more easily enable your database server to recognize queries that are essentially the same as ones that have previously executed and to react to such queries by reusing existing query execution plans instead of taking the time to compile new ones. As the database server s query optimizer examines the current query for similarities to previously executed queries, it sees commonly named variables instead of dissimilar hard values, so it makes the obvious decision to reuse an existing execution plan for this seemingly same query.
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