11-4: Implementing workflow via a trigger in Java

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Listing 11-4: Implementing workflow via a trigger
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CREATE TRIGGER tIU_SupportCall ON SupportCall AFTER INSERT, UPDATE AS BEGIN IF (UPDATE(Status)) BEGIN UPDATE SupportCall SET Email = ( SELECT TOP 1 st.Email FROM SupportTechnician st LEFT OUTER JOIN SupportCall sc ON st.Email = sc.Email AND sc.Status = 40
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11 More Advanced Database Techniques
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GROUP BY St.Email, ISNULL(sc.Email, ) ORDER BY COUNT(*) ASC, ISNULL(sc.Email, ) ASC ) FROM SupportCall sc INNER JOIN Inserted i ON sc.SupportCallID = i.SupportCallID WHERE i.Status = 40 AND sc.Email IS NULL END END
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How does the user take advantage of this trigger Simply by choosing Intervention (which has a value of 40) from the Status select menu on the ColdFusion app s Tech Support Call form and then clicking the Submit button. The CFQUERY call in the form s action page needs only to update that call record s Status value to 40 for the trigger in Listing 11-4 to fire automatically, at which point the call is assigned to the support technician with the fewest open calls assigned to him. Thinking ahead, you may build a simple list interface that automatically selects all open support calls assigned to a support technician after he logs into the system. If you use this technique, your ColdFusion development work is reduced to only a few lines of very simple code, and your database can support any type of client application written in any computer language with all your business logic always remaining intact. Pretty cool, huh
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Note The trigger logic shown in Listing 11-4 is rather involved and uses grouping, a subquery, relational updating, and unusual extensions to SQL-92 join syntax to accomplish everything in a single statement. If such complexity seems beyond your current capabilities at this time, we encourage you to learn these techniques, as they pay you back manifold if you put them to use in your development.
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If you re going to develop robust, trigger-based business applications, pay particular attention to your database server s documentation regarding recursive and nested triggers, because the wrong settings can destroy your data. A recursive trigger performs or causes to be performed an operation on the table to which it is attached. That operation fires the trigger again. You have two types of recursion: direct and indirect. A directly recursive trigger executes an operation on the very same table to which is attached. That operation causes the triggering event to fire, which in turn causes the trigger to fire again. An indirectly recursive trigger executes an operation on another table, and the trigger on that other table, in turn, executes an operation on the table to which the first trigger is attached. That operation causes the first trigger to fire again. A nested trigger is a trigger that was fired by an event caused by another trigger. If a trigger on the OrderItem table updates the InventoryItem table, for example, and a trigger on the InventoryItem table updates the ReorderItem table, the trigger on the InventoryItem table is a nested trigger. SQL Server can nest triggers up to 32 levels deep.
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Part II Using ColdFusion MX with Databases
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All recursive triggers are nested triggers, but the reverse is not true. Make sure that you fully understand your database server s configuration controls regarding the behavior (or allowance) of recursive and nested triggers before you modify the default settings. Sometimes these settings affect an entire database server not just a single database on that server. And keep in mind that, if you are going to deploy on an ISP s shared database server, you most likely must settle for operating under the default settings. So make your engineering decisions early but only after consulting in detail with your ISP.
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Affecting single and multiple rows
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You need to be especially aware that, in some database products, such as SQL Server 2000, a trigger fires once for each statement and not once for each row affected by a statement. We can t tell you how many times we ve seen developers make critical coding mistakes based on the very wrong assumption that their trigger code executes once for each row affected by the statement rather than just once for the entire statement. Even Oracle, which enables you to define triggers that fire once for each row affected by a statement, can still have problems modifying data correctly, as you see later in the section Mutating and constraining tables. You have several ways around this problem in SQL Server 2000. The following sections take a look at these workarounds.
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