Internal Feedback Loop in .NET

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Internal Feedback Loop
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Self Interactions
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External Feedback Loop 17
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Figure 15.1 System Behavioral Responses Model
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15.2 System Behavioral Response Model
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Modeling the SOI s Behavior
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Stimuli serve as inputs to the Sensory Receiver (11) capability of the SOI (2). These can be cues, information, data, interrupts, and actions. The Sensory Receiver (11) decodes the stimuli and information as inputs to the Processor (12). The processor adds value to the data within the boundaries of OPERATING CONSTRAINTS (6) and RESOURCES (7) that are levied by HIGHER ORDER SYSTEM (3). The Response Sampler (13) samples the results of the value-added processing and compares those results to OPERATING CONSTRAINTS (6) namely mission tasking established by a HIGHER ORDER SYSTEM (3). Based on the results of the Comparison, Corrective Actions (14) are initiated as feedback to the Processor (12). The clockwise work ow of steps (12) through (14) form an Internal Feedback Loop (15). When the processing is deemed acceptable relative to the OPERATING CONSTRAINTS (6), the System Response (16) is produced. The System Response (16) is then fed back (17) to the OPERATING ENVIRONMENT (1) thereby completing the External Feedback Loop (18).
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Understanding the Model s Behavioral Transfer Function
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In terms of the system control model introduced in Figure 15.1, the SOI s transfer or response function is dependent on the planned behavior of the SYSTEM OF INTEREST (SOI) relative to its OPERATING ENVIRONMENT. Consider HOW this model relates to an organization.
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An organization s executive management formulates a strategic plan based on its vision and analysis of the OPERATING ENVIRONMENT in threats and opportunities as well as tactical plans (refer to Figure 13.1). The vision, philosophy, missions, and mission objectives conveyed in these documents, as well as its command media its policies and procedures establishes how the organization and elements of the organization are to respond to the PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT.
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Several Key Points
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Figure 15.1 illustrates several key points regarding system interactions with its OPERATING ENVIRONMENT. System Interactions Stimuli or data (8)(9)(10) composed of cues, information, and behavior as well as the system response (16) to its OPERATING ENVIRONMENT (1) form a closed loop (18) of system interactions. Input Data Occurrence External stimuli or data (8)(9)(10) may occur as a triggering event as communications data, an observation, or transfer of information or as trend data over time. Measured or Conditioned System Response Steps (11) through (14) form an internal control loop (15) that results in measured response appropriate for the stimuli and information (8). System Transfer Function Steps (11), (12), (13), and (14) collectively form a system transfer function that shapes the system response (16). System Responsiveness The time required from the SYSTEM OF INTEREST (2) to respond to external stimuli (8), (9), and (10) and information until a system response (16) is produced is referred to as system responsiveness, system response time, or system throughput.
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System Interactions with Its Operating Environment
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Most people tend to think of a system s responses to its OPERATING ENVIRONMENT in terms of products, by-products, and services. However, system behavioral responses such as body language, communications (degree of bluntness, etc.) intentionally or unintentionally communicate the true message that may or may not correlate with the verbal message. Systems generally respond to external stimuli and information as aggressors, neutral, or as defenders. The system response may be aggressive (i.e., proactive) or defensive (i.e., reactive). Let s consider some examples of system behavior. Police In a potentially hostile protest demonstration, strategically placed police in riot gear stand prepared to respond on command to acts of violence or public disturbances. Paramedics On receipt of an emergency call, paramedics respond with medical attention. Education Corrective action based on test results is taken to eliminate a de ciency in student skill levels in mathematics.
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System Interaction Compatibility and Interoperability
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When two or more systems interact, we refer to the interaction as an engagement or encounter. Engagements can be characterized with a number of terms. Examples include friendly, cooperative, neutral, adversarial, and hostile. The effects or results of the engagement can be described as positive, benign, negative, damaging, or catastrophic, depending on the system roles, missions, and objectives. Generally, the effects or outcomes can be condensed into a key question. Was the engagement compatible and interoperable from each system s perspective Let s explore both the context of both of these terms.
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