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HUMAN-MADE SYSTEMS, from an organizational viewpoint, exploit opportunities and respond to threats. Organizations assign missions and performance objectives nancial, market share, and medical that support the founder s or system owner s vision of capitalizing on opportunities or neutralizing threats. Survivalist opportunity and threat motives are common throughout the OPERATING ENVIRONMENT. Depending on one s perspective, some refer to this as the natural ordering of systems. The animal kingdom that exists on the plains of Africa is an illustrative example. One animal s prey or opportunity may be viewed by the prey as a threat. Consider the following example: EXAMPLE 14.1
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An aggressor organization views a edgling business as an opportunity to exploit or capitalize on the edgling s weaknesses. In turn, the larger organization may be viewed by the edgling business as the threat to its survival.
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Types of System Opportunities
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Opportunities generally are of two basic types: 1. Time-based. Waiting for the right time. 2. Location-based. Waiting for a lease to expire. Let s explore both of these further.
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14.3 Understanding the Problem Space
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Time-Based Opportunities. Time-based opportunities can occur randomly or predictably. Random opportunities are sometimes viewed as luck. Predictable opportunities are dependent on periodic or repeatable behavioral patterns (i.e., knowledge applied to practice) that enable an aggressor system to capitalize on a situational weakness. Location-Based Opportunities. Location-based opportunities, as the name implies, relate to being in the right place at the right time. In the business world success is often said to be driven by Location! Location! Location! Obviously, a good location alone does not make a business successful. However, the location positions the business for mission success.
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One of the rst steps in SE is to understand WHAT problem the User is attempting to solve. The term problem space is relativistic. Consider competition in the commercial marketplace or military adversaries. An organization may view a competitor or adversary and their operating domain as a problem space. Hypothetically, if you were to ask the competitor or adversary if they were a problem, to the other organization, they may state unequivocally yes! or emphatically no! Therefore, the context of a problem space resides in the eyes and minds of those who perceive the situation. Sometimes there is little doubt as evidenced by acts of aggression or hostility such as invasion of a country s air space or hostile business takeovers. The term problem has two contexts: 1) a User-Acquirer s perspective and 2) a System Developer perspective. A problem space for the User-Acquirer represents an opportunity solution space for the System Developer. In turn a System Developer s problem space of nding a design solution becomes an opportunity space for subcontractors, vendors, and consultants to offer solutions.
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Technically a problem does not exist until the hazard that poses a potential risk occurs. Then you actually have a problem! The infamous OK, Houston, we have a problem . . . communicated by Apollo 13 Commander Jim Lovell is one of the best illustrations of the context used here. In a highly competitive marketplace and adversarial, hostile world, survival for many organizations requires proactive minimization of system vulnerability. Organizations that are proactive in recognizing opportunities initiate risk mitigation actions to prevent hazards from occurring and becoming problems or tomorrow s corporate headlines. In contrast, procrastinators deal with problems by becoming reactionary re ghters, assuming that they were aware of the potential hazard and did not mitigate it; they seem to never get ahead. Since the term problem space is commonly used and SE focuses on problem solving, this text uses the term problem space.
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Problem Solving or Symptom Solving
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Organizations often convince themselves and their executive management they are problem solving. In many cases the so-called problem solving is actually symptom solving. This question leads to critical question for the User, Acquirer, and System Developers: Is this the RIGHT problem to solve or a downstream symptom of the problem
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