System Interfaces in .NET

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System Interfaces
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The preceding discussions enable SEs to establish a basic methodology for identifying and characterizing interfaces. Step 1: Identify logical interfaces. When systems are designed, logical interfaces enable us to acknowledge that an association or relationship exists. Therefore, the interface becomes a logical means of expression that enables us to characterize WHAT the interface is required to accomplish. Identify and de ne physical interfaces. The physical implementation of a logical or generalized interface requires selection from a range of candidate solutions subject to technical, technology, cost, schedule, and risk constraints. This being the case, SEs typically conduct one or more trade studies to select the most appropriate implementation.
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Step 2:
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If we analyze how interfaces are implemented in the physical domain, our analysis will reveal that interfaces occur in mechanical, electrical, optical, acoustical, natural environment, chemical, and biological forms, and as combinations of these forms. For all these types of physical interfaces there are specialized solutions. To further understand the specialized nature of these interface solutions, let s explore each one.
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Mechanical Interfaces
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Mechanical interfaces consist of boundaries that exist between two physical objects and include characterizations such as function, form, and t. Characterizations include: 1. Material Properties Composition. 2. Dimensional Properties Length, width, and depth; mass properties such as weight, density, and shape. 3. Structural Integrity Properties Shock, vibration, etc. 4. Aerodynamic Properties Drag, uid ow, etc.
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Electrical Interfaces
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Electrical interfaces consist of direct electrical or electronic connections as well as electromagnetic transmission in free air space. Attributes and properties include voltages, current, resistance, inductance, capacitance, grounding, shielding, attenuation, and transmission delays.
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Optical Interfaces
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Optical interfaces consist of the transmission and/or receipt of visible and invisible wavelengths of light. Attributes and properties include intensity, frequency, special ranges, resolution, distortion, contrast, re ection, refraction, ltering, modulation, attenuation, and polarization.
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Acoustical Interfaces
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Acoustical interfaces consist of the creation, transmission, and receipt of frequencies that may be audible or inaudible to humans. Attributes and properties include volume, frequency, modulation, and attenuation.
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12.8 Electronic Data Interfaces
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Natural Environment Interfaces
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Natural environment interfaces consist of those elements that are natural occurrences of nature. Attributes and properties include temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, altitude, wind, rain, snow, and ice.
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Chemical Interfaces
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Chemical interfaces consist of interactions that occur when chemical substances are purposefully introduced or mixed with other chemicals or other types of interfaces. Attributes and properties include heat, cold, explosive, toxicity, and physical state changes.
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Biological Interfaces
Biological interfaces consist of those interfaces between living organisms or other types of interfaces. Attributes and properties include touch, feel, smell, hearing, and sight.
Interfaces allow us to establish logical or physical relationships between system elements via a common, compatible, and interoperable boundary. If you analyze the most common types of interfaces, you will discover two basic categories: 1) standard, modular interfaces and 2) unique, dedicated interfaces. Let s de ne the context of each type. Standard, Modular Interfaces System developers typically agree to employ a modular, interchangeable interface approach that complies with a standard such as RS-232, Mil-Std-1553, Ethernet, and USB (Universal Serial Bus). Unique, Dedicated Interfaces Where standard interfaces may not be available or adequate due to the uniqueness of the interface, SE designers may elect to create a unique, dedicated interface design for the sole purpose limiting compatibility with other system elements or entities. Examples include special form factors and encryption that make the interface unique.
When the User s logical interfaces are identi ed in the SYSTEM or entity architecture, one of the rst decisions is to determine HOW the interface is to be implemented. Key questions include: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Does each interface require discrete inputs and outputs WHAT function does the interface perform (data entry/output, event driven interrupt, etc.) Are the data periodic (i.e., synchronous or asynchronous) WHAT is the quantity of data to be transmitted or received WHAT are the time constraints for transmitting or receiving the data
Electronic data communications mechanisms employ analog or digital techniques to communicate information.