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System engineering efforts often focus on: 1. The composition of the system architecture. 2. How those elements interact with each other and their OPERATING ENVIRONMENT. You can develop the most innovative devices, computers, and algorithms. Yet, if those innovations are unable to reliably interact and interoperate with their OPERATING ENVIRONMENT when required, they may be of limited or no value to the entity or SYSTEM.
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System Interfaces
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Interfaces occur between combinations of two or more system elements such as EQUIPMENT, PERSONNEL, and FACILITIES or between entities within system element levels of abstractions. However, what is the purpose of an interface
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Interface Purposes
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The purpose of an interface is to associate or physically connect a SYSTEM, PRODUCT, SUBSYSTEM, ASSEMBLY, SUBASSEMBLY, or PART level component to other components within its OPERATING ENVIRONMENT. A component may associate or connect to several components; however, each linkage represents a single interface. If a component has multiple interfaces, the performance of that interface may have an in uence or impact on the others. The purpose stated above is a very broad description of WHY an interface exists. The question is: HOW does an interface accomplish this An interface has at least one or more objectives, depending on the component s application. Typical interface objectives include the following: Objective 1: Objective 2: Objective 3: Objective 4: Objective 5: Physically link or bind two or more system elements or entities. Adapt one or more incompatible system elements or entities. Buffer the effects of incompatible system elements. Leverage human capabilities. Restrain system element or its usage.
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Let s explore each of the objectives further.
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Objective 1: Physically Link or Bind Two or More System Elements or Entities
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Some systems link or bind two or more compatible system elements or element components to anchor, extend, support, or connect the adjoining interface.
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A communications tower has cables at critical attach points to anchor the tower to the ground for stability.
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Objective 2: Adapt One or More Incompatible System Elements or Entities
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Some system elements such as EQUIPMENT and PERSONNEL or entities may not have compatible or interoperable interfaces. However, they can be adapted to become compatible. Figure 12.1 illustrates how NASA developed an adapter for the Apollo-Soyuz Program. Software applications that employ reusable models may create a wrapper around the model to enable the model to communicate with an external application, and vice versa.
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Objective 3: Buffer the Effects of Incompatible System Elements
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Some systems such as automobiles are generally not intended to interact with each other. Where the unintended interactions occur, the effects of the interaction must be minimized in the interest of the safety and health of the Users. Consider the following two cases: Case 1: An automobile s impact on another can be lessened with a shock absorber bumper and body crumple zones.
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12.2 What Is an Interface
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Figure 12.1 NASA Apollo-Soyuz Spacecraft Docking System
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Source: NASA History Of ce Web Site www.hq.nasa.gov/of ce/pao/History/diagrams/astp/pk69.htm
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Case 2: System A is required to transmit data to System B. Because of the limited speed of the interfacing components, System A includes a buffer area for storing data for communication to free up the processor to perform other tasks. On the other side of the interface, System B may be unable to process all of the incoming data immediately. To avoid this scenario, a buffer area is created to store the incoming data until the processor can process the data. For this objective, SEs analyze the interface and take reasonable measures to create a boundary layer or buffer between system elements or entities. Thus each is buffered to minimize the effects of the impact to the system or environment and, if applicable, safety to the operators or the public.
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Objective 4: Leverage Human Capabilities
Humans employ interface capabilities to leverage our own skills and capabilities. Early humans recognized that various tools namely simple machines could serve as interface devices to expand or leverage our own physical capabilities in accomplishing dif cult tasks.
Objective 5: Restrain SYSTEM Element or Its Usage
Some interfaces serve as restraints to ensure a level of safety for system elements. Consider the following example: