CSE and PCE Components in .NET

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CSE and PCE Components
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Common support equipment (CSE) and peculiar support equipment (PSE) each employ two categories of equipment that are common to both types: 1) test, measurement, and diagnostics equipment (TMDE) and 2) support and handling equipment. Test, Measurement, and Diagnostics Equipment (TMDE). MIL-HDBK-881 characterizes test, measurement, and diagnostics equipment (TMDE) as follows:
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. . . consists of the peculiar or unique testing and measurement equipment which allows an operator or maintenance function to evaluate operational conditions of a system or equipment by performing
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The System of Interest Architecture
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speci c diagnostics, screening or quality assurance effort at an organizational, intermediate, or depot level of equipment support. TMDE, for example, includes: Test measurement and diagnostic equipment, precision measuring equipment, automatic test equipment, manual test equipment, automatic test systems, test program sets, appropriate interconnect devices, automated load modules, taps, and related software, rmware and support hardware (power supply equipment, etc.) used at all levels of maintenance. Packages which enable line or shop replaceable units, printed circuit boards, or similar items to be diagnosed using automatic test equipment.
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(Source: Mil-HDBK-881, Appendix H, para. 3.7.1)
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Support and Handling EQUIPMENT. Support and handling EQUIPMENT consists of the deliverable tools and handling equipment used for support of the MISSION SYSTEM. This includes . . . ground support equipment (GSE), vehicular support equipment, powered support equipment, unpowered support equipment, munitions material handling equipment, materiel-handling equipment, and software support equipment (hardware and software). (Source: Mil-HDBK-881, Appendix H, para. 3.7.2)
The SOFTWARE System Element
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The SOFTWARE element consists of all software code (source, object, etc.) and documentation required for installation, execution, and maintenance of the EQUIPMENT Element. You may ask why some organizations separate the SOFTWARE Element from its EQUIPMENT element. There are several reasons: 1. EQUIPMENT and SOFTWARE may be developed separately or procured from different vendors. 2. SOFTWARE may provide the exibility to alter system capabilities and performance (decision-making, behavior, etc.) without having to physically modify the EQUIPMENT, assuming the current EQUIPMENT design is adequate. Author s Note 10.2 The EQUIPMENT element consists of integrated HARDWARE and SOFTWARE as subordinated and supporting elements. Engineers become prematurely focused with hardware and software details long before higher level SOI decisions have been made namely EQUIPMENT requirements. EQUIPMENT decisions lead to lower level HARDWARE and SOFTWARE use cases and decisions. These decisions subsequently lead to the question: What capabilities should be implemented in HARDWARE versus those implemented in SOFTWARE SE logic says that HARDWARE and SOFTWARE may be separately procurable items. The underlying philosophy is SOFTWARE, as a system element, should be isolated to accommodate modi cation without necessarily having to modify the HARDWARE. Application speci c SOFTWARE can be procured as a separate item, regardless of its position within the system structure as long as a controlled software requirements speci cation (SRS) exists for the item s development. As new versions of application speci c SOFTWARE are released, the User can procure the item without modifying the EQUIPMENT. There may be exceptions, however, where SOFTWARE requirements and priorities force the User to upgrade the computer HARDWARE capabilities and performance.
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10.2 The System Element Architecture Construct
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System Element
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Mission Resources System Responses
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Procedural Data
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From System Element
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Personnel Equipment Procedural Data Mission Resources System Responses Facilities Where: X
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= entity relationships and associated capabilities
Figure 10.2 System Element Entity Relationships Matrix
The PROCEDURAL DATA System Element
The PROCEDURAL DATA element consists of all documentation that speci es HOW to safely operate, maintain, deploy, and store the EQUIPMENT Element. In general, the PROCEDURAL DATA Element is based on operating procedures. Operating procedures document sequences of PERSONNEL actions required to ensure the proper and safe operation of the system to achieve its intended level of performance under speci ed operating conditions. The PROCEDURAL DATA Element includes items such as reference manuals, operator guides, standard operating practices and procedures (SOPPs), and checklists. Author s Note 10.3 Unfortunately, many people view checklists as bureaucratic nonsense, especially for organizational processes. Remember, checklists incorporate lessons learned and best practices that keep you out of trouble. Checklists are a state of mind you can view them as forcing you to do something or as a reminder to think about what you may have overlooked. As a colleague notes, when landing an aircraft, if the checklist says to place the landing gear in the deployed and locked position, you may want to consider putting the landing gear down before you land! Bureaucratic or not, the consequences for a lack of compliance can be catastrophic!