System Deployment in .NET

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System Deployment
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An existing home is to be physically relocated elsewhere within a town. In preparation for the move, coordination is required to temporarily move utility lines and reroute traf c. In addition to the necessary permits and licenses, law enforcement of cers will need to redirect traf c and utility crews will need to reinstate utility lines, including telephone, power, and signal lights cables.
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System Deployment Safety and Security. The deployment of a new system from one location to another should be performed as expeditiously, ef ciently, and effectively as practical. The intent is to safely and securely transport the system with minimal impact to it, the public, and the environment. Safety and security planning considerations include protecting the system to be deployed, the personnel who perform the deployment, and the support equipment. System engineering requirement considerations should include modularity of the equipment. This means the removal of computer hard drives containing sensitive data that require special handling and protection. The same is true with hazardous materials such as ammable liquids, toxic chemicals, explosives, munitions, and ordinances. In these cases special equipment and tools may be needed to ensure their safe and secure transport by courier or by security teams. Additionally, environmental, safety, and health (ESH) Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) should accompany the deployment.
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Environmental concerns have a major impact on all facets of system analysis, design, and development as well as on all phases of the system/product life cycle.
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Statutory and Regulatory Requirements
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Statutory and regulatory requirements concerning environmental protection and transportation of hazardous materials (HAZMAT) are mandated by local, state, federal, and international organizations. These regulations are intended to protect the cultural, historical, religious, and political environment and the public. SEs have signi cant challenges in ensuring that new systems and products are properly speci ed, developed, deployed, operated, supported, and fully comply with statutory and regulatory requirements. Consider the following example: EXAMPLE 56.7
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The US National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) establishes requirements on system deployment, operations, and support that impact the natural environment. In many cases System Developers, Acquirers, and Users are required to submit advance documentation such as Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and other types of documents for approval prior to implementation.
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Author s Note 56.5 ALWAYS consult the provisions of your contract as well as with your contracts; legal; and environmental, safety, and health (ESH) organizations for guidance in complying with the appropriate statutory and regulatory environmental requirements.
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Environmental Mitigation Plans
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Despite meticulous planning, environmental emergencies can and do occur during the deployment of a system. Develop risk mitigation plans and coordinate resources along the transportation route
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56.5 System Installation, Integration, and Checkout
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to clean up and remediate any environmental spills or catastrophes. Transportation vehicles, systems, and shipping containers should fully comply with all applicable federal and state statutory regulatory laws for labeling and handling. Organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), et al may require submittal of environmental documentation for certain types of programs. Investigate how the US National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and other legislation applies to your system s development and deployment.
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Environmental Safety and Health (ES&H)
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Environmental safety and health (ES&H) is a critical issue during system development and deployment. The objective is to safely and securely relocate a SYSTEM without impacting the system s capabilities and performance or endangering the health of the public or NATURAL ENVIRONMENT, nor that of the deployment team. ALWAYS investigate the requirements to ensure that the ES&H concerns are properly addressed in the design of the equipment as well as the means of transportation. ISO 14000 serves as the international standard used to assess and certify organizational environmental management processes and procedures. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 29 CFR 1910 is the occupational safety and health standard in the US.
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