Need for Independence in .NET

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Need for Independence
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Potential hardware and software design aws, de ciencies, or errors are sometimes missed due to limited personnel availability and skills, incorrect requirements, or changes in hardware or software platforms. Critical aws can result in cost overruns, or even catastrophic failure that poses safety risks to the public and the NATURAL ENVIRONMENT. An independent observer can be an important ally to the Acquirer in preventing these problems.
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Degree of Independence
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A common question is: How independent must an IV&V organization be IEEE 610-1990 describes an IV&V organization as technically, managerially, and nancially independent of the development organization.
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Bene ts of IV&V
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People often ask, Why should we go to the expense of performing IV&V, either by contract or by internal assessments What s the return on investment (ROI) There are several reasons; some are objective and others subjective. In general, IV&V: Improves system or product safety. Provides increased visibility into the System Development Process. Identi es nonessential requirements and design features. Assesses compliance between speci cation and performance. Identi es potential risks areas. Reduces the quantity of latent defects such as design aws, errors, defective materials or components, and workmanship problems. 7. Reduces development, operations, and support costs. When performed constructively and competently, IV&V can be of bene t to both the Acquirer and the System Developer. Depending on the role assigned by the Acquirer to the IV&V contractor, adding another player into the System Development Process may require the System Developer to plan for and obtain supplemental resources. The challenge for the System Developer may be dealing in an environment whereby the Acquirer believes the IV&V contractor is not earning their keep unless they FIND a lot of microscopic de ciencies, even if the work products are more than adequate technically, professionally, and contractually. EXAMPLE 53.4
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As an example, software is playing an increasing role in day to day. For each NASA mission or project to execute successfully, it is imperative that the software operates safely and within its designed parameters. Failure of a single piece of mission critical software within a NASA mission can potentially result in loss of life, dollars, and/or data. IV&V serves as a mechanism to underscore the importance of software safety and helps ensure safe and successful NASA missions.
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System Veri cation and Validation
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System veri cation and validation, in general, involve a number of issues that SEs must be prepared to address. Let s examine a few of the challenges and issues. Challenge 1: Acquirer need for V&V. Challenge 2: Establishing the scope of V&V activities. Challenge 3: Developing con dence in the evolving work product. Challenge 4: System developer need for V&V. Challenge 5: V&V impacts on cost and schedule. Challenge 6: Degree of V&V team independence. Challenge 7: Incorporation of IV&V ndings and recommendations. Challenge 8: Program personnel V&V skills and knowledge levels. Challenge 9: Model and simulation certi cation. Challenge 10: Veri ed systems that fail system validation.
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Challenge 1: Acquirer Need for V&V
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From an Acquirer s perspective, you need a technical basis to determine if the deliverable system and all other aspects of the contract are progressing in accordance with the performance standards established by the contract. V&V activities provide a mechanism to the degree funding constraints allow. The questions is: Do you allocate funding for V&V or target those funds to adding more system capabilities Large, complex systems require disciplined approaches to ensuring that the system or product will satisfy its requirements. Accomplishment of this objective is achieveable without performing V&V during Developmental Test and Evaluation (DT&E) and Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E). The question is: Depending on the system application, are you willing to assume the risk of not performing V&V
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