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52.11 Trade Study Risk Areas
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Trade Study Report (TSR) Submittal. For review, approval, and implementation, deliver the TSR directly to the chartering decision authority that commissioned the study. The TSR should always include a cover letter prepared by the Trade Study Team lead and reviewed for concurrence by the team. TSRs can be delivered via the mail or by personal contact. It is advisable that the Trade Study Team lead or team, if applicable, personally deliver the TSR to the decision authority. This provides an opportunity to brie y discuss the contents and recommendations. During the meeting the decision authority may solicit team recommendations for disseminating the TSR to stakeholders. If a meeting forum is selected to present a TSR brie ng, the date, time, and location should be coordinated through noti cation to the stakeholders and Trade Study Team members. Advance Review of the Trade Study Report. The Trade Study decision authority such as the Technical Director, Project Engineer, or System Engineering and Integration Team (SEIT) may request an advance review of the TSR by stakeholders prior to the TSR presentation and discussion. If a decision is expected at the meeting, advance review of the TSR enables the stakeholders to come prepared to: 1. Address any open questions or concerns 2. Make a decision concerning the recommendations. TSR Brie ngs. TSR brie ngs to stakeholders can be helpful or a hindrance. They are helpful if additional clari cation is required. Conversely, if the presenter does a poor job with presentation, the level of con dence in the TSR may be questioned. Therefore, BE PREPARED.
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Trade studies, like most decisions, have a number of risk areas: let s explore a few examples.
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Risk Area 1: Test Article Data Collection Failures
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When test articles are on loan for technical evaluation, failures may occur and PRECLUDE completion of data collection within the allowable time frame. Because of the limited time for the trade study, replacement of the test article(s) may not be practical or feasible. Plan for contingencies and mitigate their risks!
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Risk Area 2: Poor or Incorrect Assumptions
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Formulation of candidate solutions often requires a set of dependencies and assumptions such as availability of funding or technology. Stakeholders often challenge trade study results because poor or incorrect assumptions were made by the trade study team. Where appropriate and necessary, discuss and validate assumptions with the decision authority to preclude consuming resources developing a decision that was awed due to poor or incorrect assumptions from the start.
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Risk Area 3: Data Validity
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Technical decision making must be accomplished with the latest most complete, accurate, and precise data available. Authenticate the currency, accuracy, and precision of all data as well as vendor commitment to stand behind the integrity of the data.
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Trade Study Analysis of Alternatives
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Risk Area 4: Selection Criteria Relevancy
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Occasionally selection criteria that have little or no contribution to the selection focus and objective get onto the list of Decision Factors or Criteria. Scrutinize the validity of factors and selection criteria. Document the supporting rationale.
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Risk Area 5: Overlooked Selection Criteria
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Sometimes there are critical operational or technical issues (COIs/CTIs) attributes that do not make the Selection Criteria List. Selection criteria checks and balances should include veri cation of traceability of selection criteria to the COIs/CTIs to be resolved.
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Risk Area 6: Failure to Get the User Buy In
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Contrary to popular opinion, customer satisfaction does not begin at delivery of the system. The process begins at Contract Award. Toward this end, keep the User involved as much as practical in the technical decision-making process to provide the foundation for positive delivery satisfaction. When high-level trade studies are performed that have an impact on system capabilities, interfaces, and performance, solicit User validation of Selection Decision Factors and Criteria and their respective weights. Give the User some level of ownership of the system/product, starting at Contract Award.
Risk Area 7: Unproven or Invalid Methodology
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Trade study success begins with a strong, robust strategy and methodology that will withstand professional scrutiny. Flaws in the methodology in uence and reduce the integrity and effectiveness of the trade study. Solicit peer reviews by trusted colleagues to ensure that the trade study begins on the RIGHT track and yields results that will withstand professional scrutiny by the organization, Acquirer, User, and professional community, as applicable.
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