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47.9 Guiding Principles
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Lesson 7: REFERENCE Documents versus APPLICABLE Documents
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Analyses often reference other documents and employ the terms APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS or REFERENCED DOCUMENTS. People unknowingly interchange the terms. Using conventional outline structures, Section 2.0 should be titled REFERENCED DOCUMENTS and list all sources cited in the text. Other source or related reading material relevant to the subject matter is cited in an ADDITIONAL READING section provided in the appendix.
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Lesson 8: Cite Referenced Documents
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When citing referenced documents, include the date and version containing data that serve as inputs to the decision. People often believe that if they reference a document by title they have satis ed analysis criteria. Technical decision making is only as good as the credibility and integrity of its sources of objective, fact-based information. Source documents may be revised over time. Do yourself and your team a favor: make sure that you clearly and concisely document the critical attributes of source documentation.
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Lesson 9: Conduct SME Peer Reviews
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Technical decisions are sometimes dead on arrival (DOA) due to poor assumptions, awed decision criteria, and bad research. Plan for success by conducting an informal peer review by trusted and quali ed colleagues the subject matter experts (SMEs) of the evolving decision document. Listen to their challenges and concerns. Are they highlighting critical operational and technical issues (COIs/CTIs) that remain to be resolved, or overlooked variables and solutions that are obscured by the analysis or research We refer to this as posturing for success before the presentation.
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Lesson 10: Prepare Findings, Conclusions, and Recommendations
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There are a number of reasons as to WHY an analysis is conducted. In one case the technical decision maker may not possess current technical expertise or the ability to internalize and assimilate data for a complex problem. So they seek out those who do posses this capability such as consultants or organizations. In general, the analyst wants to know WHAT the subject matter experts (SMEs) who are closest to the problems, issues, and technology suggest as recommendations regarding the decision. Therefore, analyses should include ndings, recommendations, and recommendations. Based on the results of the analysis, the decision maker can choose to: 1. Ponder the ndings and conclusions from their own perspective. 2. Accept or reject the recommendations as a means of arriving at an informed decision. In any case, they need to know WHAT the subject matter experts (SMEs) have to offer regarding the decision.
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In summary, the preceding discussions provide the basis with which to establish the guiding principles that govern analytical decision support practices.
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Analytical Decision Support
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Principle 47.1 Analysis results are only as VALID as their underlying assumptions, models, and methodology. Validate and preserve their integrity.
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Our discussion of analysis decision support provided data and recommendations to support the SE Process Model at all levels of abstraction. As an introductory discussion, analytical decision support employs various tools addressed in the sections that follow: Statistical in uences on SE decision making System performance analysis, budgets, and safety margins System reliability, availability, and maintainability System modeling and simulation Trade studies: analysis of alternatives Web Forms Crystal european article number 13 encoderfor visual basic
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1. Answer each of the What You Should Learn from This questions identi ed in the Introduction. 2. Refer to the list of systems identi ed in 2. Based on a selection from the preceding chapter s General Exercises or a new system selection, apply your knowledge derived from this chapter s topical discussions. If you were the project engineer or Lead SE: (a) What types of engineering analyses would you recommend (b) How would you collect data to support those analyses (c) Select one of the analyses. Write a simple analysis task statement based on the attributes of a technical decision discussed at the beginning of this section.
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1. Research your organization s command media for guidance and direction concerning the implementation of analytical decision support practices. (a) What requirements are levied on programs and SEs concerning the conduct of analyses (b) Does the organization have a standard methodology for conducting an analysis If so, report your ndings. (c) Does the organization have a standard format for documenting analyses If so, report your ndings. 2. Contact small, medium and large contract programs within your organization. (a) What analyses were performed on the program (b) How were the analyses documented (c) How was the analysis task communicated Did the analysis report describe the objectives and scope of the analysis (d) What level of formality engineering notebook, informal report, or formal report did technical decision makers levy on the analysis (e) Were the analyses conducted without constraints or were they conducted to justify a predetermined decision (f) What challenges or issues did the analysts encounter during the conduct of the analysis (g) Based on the program s lessons learned, what recommendations do they offer as guidance for conducting analyses on future programs
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Additional Reading 3. Select two analysis reports from different contract programs. (a) What is your assessment of each report (b) Did the program apply the right level of formality in documenting the analysis