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As a discipline requiring integrity in analytical, mathematical, and scienti c data and computations to support downstream or lower level decision making, engineering documentation is often sloppy at best or simply nonexistent. One of the hallmarks of a professional discipline is an expectation to document recommendations supported by factual, objective evidence derived empirically or by observation. Data that contribute to informed SE decisions are characterized by the assumptions, boundary conditions, and constraints surrounding the data collection. While most engineers competently consider relevant factors affecting a decision, the tendency is to avoid recording the results; they view paperwork as unnecessary, bureaucratic documentation that does not add value directly to the deliverable product. As a result, a professional, high-value analysis ends in mediocrity due to the analyst lacking personal initiative to perform the task correctly. To better appreciate the professional discipline required to document analyses properly, consider a hypothetical visit to a physician:
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You visit a medical doctor for a condition that requires several treatment appointments at three-month intervals for a year. The doctor performs a high-value diagnosis and prescribes the treatments but fails to record the medication and actions performed at each treatment event. At each subsequent treatment you and the doctor have to reconstruct to the best of everyone s knowledge the assumptions, dosages, and actions performed. Aside from the medical and legal implications, can you imagine the frustration, foggy memories, and guesstimates associated with these interactions. Engineering, as a professional discipline, is no different. Subsequent decision making is highly dependent on the documented assumptions and constraints of previous decisions.
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Analytical Decision Support
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The difference between mediocrity and high-quality professional results may be only a few minutes to simply document critical considerations that yielded the analytical result and recommendations presented. For SEs, this information should be recorded in an engineering laboratory notebook or on-line in a network-based journal. Web Forms code 128 code set b printingin .net
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Where practical and appropriate, engineering analyses should be documented in formal technical reports. Contract or organizational command media sometimes specify the format of these reports. If you are expected to formally report the results of an analysis and do not have speci c format requirements, consider the example outline below.
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The following is an example of an outline that could be used to document a technical report. 1.0. INTRODUCTION The introduction establishes the context and basis for the analysis. Opening statements identify the document, its context and usage in the program, as well as the program this analysis is being performed to support. 1.1. 1.2. 1.3. 1.4. 1.5. 1.6. Purpose Scope Objectives Analyst/Team Members Acronyms and Abbreviations De nitions of Key Terms
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2.0. REFERENCED DOCUMENTS This section lists the documents referenced in other sections of the document. Note the operative title Referenced Documents as opposed to Applicable Documents. 3.0. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Summarize the results of the analysis such as ndings, observations, conclusions, and recommendations: tell them the bottom line up front. Then, if the reader desires to read about the details concerning HOW you arrived at those results, they can do so in subsequent sections. 4.0. CONDUCT OF THE ANALYSIS Informed decision making is heavily dependent on objective, fact based data. As such, the conditions under which the analysis is performed must be established as a means of providing credibility for the results. Subsections include: 4.1. 4.2. 4.3. 4.4. 4.5. 4.6. 4.7. 4.8. 4.9. Background Assumptions Methodology Data Collection Analytical Tools and Methods Versions and Con gurations Statistical Analysis (if applicable) Analysis Results Observations
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47.8 Analysis Lessons Learned 4.10. Precision and Accuracy 4.11. Graphical Plots 4.12. Sources 5.0. FINDINGS, OBSERVATIONS, AND CONCLUSIONS As with any scienti c study, it is important for the analyst to communicate: WHAT they found. WHAT they observed. WHAT conclusions they derived from the ndings and observations. Subsections include: 5.1. Findings 5.2. Observations 5.3. Conclusions 6.0. RECOMMENDATIONS
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Based on the analyst s ndings, observations, and conclusions, Section 6.0 provides a set of prioritized recommendations to decision makers concerning the objectives established by the analysis tasking. APPENDICES Appendices provide areas to present supporting documentation collected during the analysis or that illustrates how the author(s) arrived at their ndings, conclusions, and recommendations.
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