Personal Engineering Data Records in .NET

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Personal Engineering Data Records
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The nal type of SE data includes personal data records as part of their normal tasking. Personal data records should be maintained in an engineering notebook or computer-based analogy. Personal data include plans, schedules, analyses, sketches, reports, meeting minutes, action items, tests conducted, and test results. These data types are summarized in technical reports and progress and status reports.
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System Design and Development Documentation
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Contracts and subcontracts often require two types of documentation as part of the CDRL or SDRL deliveries: 1. Data Accession List (DAL) 2. Design Criteria List (DCL) Let s describe each of these documents.
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Data Accession List (DAL)
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The development of most systems and products involves two types of documentation: deliverable data and nondeliverable data. An Acquirer (role) speci es and negotiates the documentation to be delivered as part of the contract delivery work products. During the course of the contract, the System Developer or subcontractor may produce additional documentation that is not part of the contract but may be needed later by the Acquirer or User. Where this is the case, Acquirer (role) contracts often require the System Developer (role) to prepare and maintain a Data Accession List (DAL) that lists all documentation produced under the contract for deliverables and nondeliverables. This enables the Acquirer to determine if additional data are available for procurement to support system maintenance. If so, the Acquirer may negotiate with the contractor or subcontractor and modify the original contract to procure that data. Each contract or subcontract should include a requirement for a System Developer to provide a Data Accession List (DAL) as a CDRL/SDRL item to identify all CDRL and nondeliverable documentation produced under the contract for review and an opportunity to procure the data at a later date.
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Design Criteria List (DCL)
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Systems, products, and services are often required to be integrated into HIGHER ORDER systems. For physical systems, interoperable interfaces or models are CRUCIAL. For simulations and emulations, each model must provide the precise form, t, and function of the simulated or emulated device. In each of these cases, the physical system, model, simulation, or emulation must comply with speci c design criteria. Source data authentication, veri cation, and validation are critical to ensure the integrity of the SE decision-making efforts. How do you identify the design data that will be required to support the SE design effort The process of procuring this data begins with a Design Criteria List (DCL). The DCL is developed and evolves to identify speci c design documents required to support the system development effort. Generally, SEs and Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) are responsible for submitting a detailed list of items and attributes such as title, document ID to the Data Manager for acquisition. On receipt, the Data Manager: 1. Forwards the documents to Con guration Management for processing and archival storage. 2. NOTIFIES the design data requestors regarding RECEIPT of the documents. Each contract or subcontract should require publication of a Design Criteria List (DCL) by the System Developer identifying speci c documentation sources. Guidepost 46.1 This concludes our overview on types of contract and subcontract SE data. Let s shift our focus to SE and Development Documentation Sequencing.
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46.4 SE and Development Documentation Sequencing
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One of the challenges for SEs is determining WHEN various documents should be prepared, reviewed, approved, baselined, and released. Although every contract and program requirements vary by Acquirer, there are some general schedules that can be used to prepare SE and development documentation. In general, we can categorize most SE documentation into four classes: Planning documentation Speci cation documentation System design documentation Test documentation
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Planning Documentation
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Figure 46.1 illustrates a basic schedule as general guidance for preparing and releasing various types of technical plans. These documents include: 1. Key technical management plans (TMPs) such as hardware development plans, software development plans, con guration and data management plans, and risk management plans. 2. Supporting technical plans such as system safety plans, manufacturing plans, and system support plans. 3. Test plans such as system integration, test, and veri cation plans and hardware and software test plans.
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