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Functional Design and Operational Suitability Human Error
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Information Presentation Information Requirements Input/Output Devices Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) Procedures Safety and Health
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44.11 44.12 44.13
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44.14 44.15
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Human System Integration
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Table 44.5 continued Item 44.16 44.17 44.18 44.19 44.20 44.21 Issue Area Situation Awareness Skills and Tools Staf ng Subjective Workload Task Load Training Description Consideration of the ability to detect, understand, and project the current and future operational situations. Considerations to minimize the need for unique operator or maintainer skills, abilities, or characteristics. Accommodation of constraints and opportunities on staf ng levels and organizational structures. The operator s or maintainer s perceived effort involved in managing the operational situation. Objective determination of the numbers and types of tasks that an operator performs. Consideration of the acquisition and decay of operator and maintainer skills in the system design and capability to train users easily, and design of the training regimen to result in effective training. Design of visual and auditory alerts (including error messages) to invoke the necessary operator and maintainer response to adverse and emergency situations. Adequacy of workspace for personnel and their tools and equipment, and suf cient space for movements and actions they perform during operational and maintenance tasks under normal, adverse, and emergency conditions.
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Visual/Auditory Alerts Workspace
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Source: FAA s National Airspace System System Engineering Manual, Section, Table 4.8 10.
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PERSONNEL Element requirements specify tasks that deploy, operate, and support the system to: 1. Monitor system information and outputs. 2. Interpret system operations and health conditions. 3. Control system behavior and performance. 4. Perform corrective action to mitigate risk to the operators, EQUIPMENT, public, and the environment. PROCEDURAL DATA Element requirements instruct the operators or maintainers in HOW to: 1. Safely and effectively deploy, operate, and maintain the system. 2. Proceed in normal and emergency operations. 3. Perform corrective actions or remediate the effects of system failures should an emergency occur. 4. Understand system capability and performance limitations. Since system operator and maintainer requirements are task-based actions, let s de ne the attributes of a task.
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De ning Task Attributes
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As you analyze most tasks, you will discover that they share a common set of attributes. These attributes enable human factors specialists to understand the mission and scenario conditions that bound the human system interactions. MIL-STD-1908B identi es six attributes of a task:
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44.8 Guiding Principles Table 44.6 MIL-STD-1908B de nitions of task attributes Item 44.1 44.2 44.3 44.4 44.5 Task Attribute Mission Scenario/ Conditions Function Job Duty De nition What the system is supposed to accomplish (e.g., mission).
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Categories of factors or constraints under which the system will be expected to operate and be maintained (e.g., day/night, all weather, all terrain operation). A broad category of activity performed by a system (e.g., transportation). The combination of all human performance required for operation and maintenance of one personnel position in a system (e.g., driver). A set of operationally related tasks within a given job (e.g., driving, system servicing, communicating, target detection, self-protection, and operator maintenance). A composite of related activities (perceptions, decisions, and responses) performed for an immediate purpose, written in operator/maintainer language (e.g., change a tire). An activity (perceptions, decisions and responses) that ful lls a portion of the immediate purpose within the task (e.g., remove lug nuts). The smallest logically and reasonably de nable unit of behavior required in completing a task or subtask, e.g., apply counterclockwise torque to the lug nuts with a lug wrench.
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44.7 44.8
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Subtask Task Element
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Source: MIL-HDBK-1908B, Task Analysis De nition para. 3.0, p. 32.
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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
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Mission Function Job Duty Task Subtask
Table 44.6 de nes each of these attributes.
In summary, the preceding discussions provide the basis with which to establish the guiding principles that govern human system interfaces practices. Principle 44.1 Optimal HSI design requires balancing requirements allocation in two areas: 1. WHAT the PERSONNEL Element does best. 2. WHAT the EQUIPMENT Element does best. Principle 44.2 When designing HSIs, structure layouts and display information based on use case prioritized operator/practitioner needs, skill levels, and frequency of usage priorities. Principle 44.3 AVOID operator decision-making data overloads: keep interface information simple and intuitive.